a sort of end

I started this blog in the midst of a crisis. I was married, working and wanting a baby and apparently that part of the equation wasn't going to come easy. I spent hours on here, leaning on everyone I could find, eager for answers and miracles and I got a bit of both. Where many of the people in my real world couldn't relate, many of you could and finding that was what I needed.

This place feels good and achy at the same time - I can't help but remember what that time was like desperately wanting and wondering if it would ever happen for us. And it did. We were lucky. We are lucky and believe me I remind myself every day in the trying threes.

But it's that time... and I hope you will come and say hi for a post, or for longer. We're entering a new crisis of sorts but this time it's the kind of panic filled with excitement and energy. The kind that has me up at night because I can't not think of the million and one things that I want to do in our new space.

So pop on over here, I'd love to have you...

and if you're going through what we went through and have questions I'm still here.