5 Things that Make Beauty and Motherhood Easier

5 Things that make beauty and motherhood easier

5 things that make beauty and motherhood easier

This fall, I have been committed to getting ready every morning.

Face washed, actual clothes on, hair presentable to the public, you know - getting ready as though I have somewhere to be - even when I don't.

Truth: My beauty idol at the moment is Gillian Jacobs (tell me you haven't noticed that side braid while binge watching Love on Netflix?) Her unfussy yet put together look is what I strive for.

Lately, these five things have been helping me feel just that way, while still having time to make lunches, breakfast, coffee - and I would love to hear yours too...

Paula's Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 It is the only tinted moisturizer that doesn't react with my super sensitive skin and it's mineral based so you can feel good about not putting unnecessary chemicals into your skin. It's not a full face of makeup, it's not au natural, it's a compromise. I follow it with a little blush and mascara.

Elchim 3900 Up until recently, I was using a blowdryer that often had the added bonus of setting off our smoke alarm. I sucked it up, spent far more than I ever have before and bought my personal mom life changer. It is so powerful I can almost pretend I got a blowout.

Carlson Cod liver oil + Megafood Megaflora Probiotics To say that my skin has been fickle, would be putting it lightly. For years I battled acne, dry skin and everything in between. Two big game changers for me have been cod liver oil, which contains vitamin A, as well as good quality probiotics. My skin feels better, my gut feels better and I recommend both to anyone with tricky skin or tummy issues.

Anything by Bite Cosmetics While their Lush Lip Tint is my favourite, the whole line is food grade and handmade in Toronto. Their lip tint is highly pigmented but still shear. I like to swipe the cherry colour on, tissue it off and then dab a bit more on top.

Non beige underwear Step away from the beige bra, read this article from Cup of Jo. You're welcome.

What things make beauty and motherhood easier for you? Have you tried any of these?


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