Weekly Slice

Weekly Slice

What are your plans for the weekend? We have the house to ourselves (did I mention that my parents have been living with us for four months now & that I've been designing their whole house renovation?). Oops, I guess not. It's been cozy around here to say the least. Here are some fun slices of our week and other cool links around the net...

extreme parenting / a wise read / blue hair magic / everybody dresses up / + a fertility update

one / While I don't view myself as a paranoid parent, The opposite of helicopter parenting made me nervous in its extreme form, but also a little wistful. Don't worry, I will not be encouraging Alice and Isla to jump from our roof to the trampoline, (psst. Andrew and I totally did this as kids) - but I do find the concept of a playborhood quite alluring.

two / Not what it sounds like: This is the Story of a Happy Marriage is a book my sister gifted to me last Christmas (or was the the one previous). I avoided it because (what marriage is perfect?) and I thought this might contain unsolicited advice. I picked it back up since we're nixing our amazon kindle unlimited subscription and I wanted something at hand to read. It surprised me. There's advice all right - just not that kind of advice. Have you read it?
three / My hairstylist gave me this color correcting toner, and it sat in the corner of our shower ever since. You see, it came with fair warning, but last night I was feeling particularly risky so I put a ton of it on my fingers (sans gloves) and ran the deep blue liquid through my hair. Let me tell you, this stuff is pure gold (I mean blue)! I normally use AG sterling silver to banish the brass from my blonde, but this is a whole other level. Have you tried it? (I was only slightly terrified when my hair literally turned blue for a few minutes).

four / I want in on the family halloween costume. Do you dress up? Please tell me you do. I'll be a witch... once again, but next year we're getting creative.

lastly / I was weaving away on Wednesday afternoon when the fertility clinic called! By some fluke they were able to squeeze us in for a frozen embryo transfer in November (Woohoo) so fingers and toes are sufficiently crossed until then.

P.S. 5 things that make motherhood easier & how to know when to have a baby