11 Things I'm Loving this Winter

When 2019 starts out on a personal professional high (with words like "Mind blown" and "I'm gonna barf in the best way possible" in reaction to the biggest design plan presentation of your career thus far), but then quickly slips into a health low (read: the flu), you make the best of it and remind yourself that there are only 3-4 months of frigid weather left! You also book summer vacations, trick your mind into thinking you're actually in Mexico, and do a host of other non-desperate (yet totally necessary) winter things!

So here's 11 things I'm loving right now! Enjoy!

This moisturizer is (almost) making my skin believe it's not February in Ottawa.

Currently on my bedside table We Hope for Better Things.... currently on Ben's bedside table Things That Go (full disclosure, Ben does not have a bedside table)

So excited to be going back to this campground in Bar Harbor, Maine! I can almost taste the blueberry pancakes at our favourite breakfast spot!

Slathering this after sun on to pretend I'm somewhere tropical. (I promise you it works for about two minutes (or until I look at the window)

This colour block cardigan has quickly become my go-to.

Maybe a Casper Glow Light is the magical bedside table light I've been waiting for?!

Why We'll Look Back on our Smartphones as Cigarettes - really made me think.

This Audio Drama Podcast is playing while I wash the dishes, fold the laundry, or any other time I can get away with multitasking.

Costco Chicken Pot Pie. No link... you know where to find it.

If you want to be a writer, you have a be a reader first - instant motivation.

Well isn't this a fun alternative to airbnb!

What are you loving lately?