One Room Challenge Week 3 - Twin Bedroom Progress

I was standing in our twin daughters bedroom yesterday in awe of how much has changed in there in three short weeks. I think I underestimated the impact that taking on this project would make. I'd assumed that after tackling a full bathroom renovation for the last challenge - this one would seem quite minor in comparison.

I was wrong.

I also finally headed some long time design advise that I dole out frequently - to go for the big area rug. Seriously I cannot get over how much bigger the girls shared bedroom looks with a large area rug.

And here is a quick remind of what the girls bedroom looked like before:

So here is what happened this week in the one room challenge:

1. We purchased a ceiling medallion and spray painted it with super matte white chalk paint.
2. We installed our new Stella semi flush mount light fixture thanks to Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting.
3. We cut the headboards off of their existing white metal Ikea bed frames.
4. We made a ton of progress with the plywood arc headboards (I'm waiting to share the full DIY plyboard headboard tutorial next week)
5. We unrolled our Loloi area rug that they sent us (and we love it so much).
6. We reinstalled our old closet organizing system but rearranged how we installed it to further divide the closet so that each of our daughters can have a dedicated half closet.
7. We added two new Ikea closet organizer drawer sets - these have long time been a favourite of ours as they are inexpensive and really work.
8. We laundered our new bedding that Brooklinen sent us, and made the beds with it.
9. We added some tassels to the ottomans that Tonic Living sent us (they sent us the tassels as well), and added their gorgeous velvet pillows to the girls beds.

Okay so the room could pass for done right now but it is far from it. But it's looking so so good so far.

Next up for our one room challenge shared girls bedroom:

  • We still need to install the plywood arc headboards,
  • Install the floating night stand
  • Add a table lamp
  • Build two custom plywood arc shelves,
  • Hang art and style with accessories.

I can't wait to get this bedroom all finished and styled up! Make sure you hop onto The One Room Challenge site and follow along to see all of the projects shared by the featured designers and guest participants! Next week check back here for a plywood headboard DIY!

P.S. In case you missed it, see Week 1 and Week 2 of my One Room Challenge posts.


  1. I am not an expert to participate in such challenges, but I am totally sure I will be able to find the way how to win and become the best one :-)


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