I am strangely excited about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is our consent signing appointment where we get to read about all of the risks at stake when embarking on in-vitro fertilization with ICSI.  I am hopeful that this two hour appointment will also cover which protocol I will be on because despite my google-ing efforts, I have failed to narrow down an obvious winner.

I am also nervous.  Not the bad kind of nervous.  More the butterflies in my stomach kind of nervous.  This is a foreign feeling for me, one I have not felt for quite some time.  This will be the official beginning of our trying to get pregnant mission.  We will no longer be benched on the sidelines waiting for some glimmer of hope.  We will have a real chance.

I am optimistic and excited right now and I am going to go with it.

This was taken in July at Lower Joffre Lake in Permberton, British Columbia, just before we embarked for upper Joffre Lake (where the snow is)


  1. Oh my goodness pul-ease get us a blow by blow detailed account of the whole thing....I want to know all about it and live vicariously through you!


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