fall bliss

I have been to yoga and body pump tonight.  I figured two hours at the gym could not hurt if I took it easy.  It is so much easier to get out of my head if I am concentrating on beating everyone else in the class.. I am just a tad competitive.  Now that I am even more physically exhausted than I was this afternoon, I am taking care of my left over anxiety with a nice glass of wine, okay I will be honest, it is more like two nice glasses of wine and a bit of etsy dreaming and online browsing.. browsing does not break the "I can't, we're buying the chance at a baby" rule.  Here is what I have found and might need in the not so distant future...

This is haunting but gorgeous.  Sparrow by Shannon Leigh Studios
I love the smell of candles inside pumpkins on Halloween night.  Pumpkin Glow by Shannon Leigh Studios.
The Give Thanks platter is beautiful and our Canadian Thanksgiving is just a week and a half away.