stage fright

Tomorrow is test day take two, otherwise known as hysterosonogram day in our house.  I will admit that I am very nervous for this procedure and have found myself awake at ungodly hours the past few nights for no apparent reason.  Google has not been on my side when it comes to the hysterosonogram, linking me to various horror stories of excruciating pain.  I have been fortunate to speak with a couple of women who have undergone this test previously and apparently only experienced mild discomfort, so I am trying to mentally go with that, but I am failing.

I am also trying to figure out how many advil I can safely take.  The clinic is recommending a mere two which is generally my go-to advil standard however I have heard that other clinics prescribe tougher meds such as Demerol.  This is increasing my anxiety.  If they are prescribing Demerol why I am only getting advil? 

Okay the stress is clearly taking over right now.  I just need to find a way to relax today to make it to tomorrow without working myself into a complete stress induced craze.  My plan of attack is Badger's Cheerful Mind Balm, some yoga or body attack, a complete boycott on google and a focus on the relaxing weekend that we just had.  Hopefully that will do the trick.  If nothing else, I will remember how good The Town was on friday night, seriously, go and see it.  

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  1. Many women have told me that it is a mild discomfort. I hope the procedure will be completely painless for you. I wonder if they would let you take an acupuncturist and some relaxing music in with you to help with the calm?

  2. Hmm good question. I should have thought about that earlier since it's tomorrow. I have had great experiences with acupuncture.

  3. I hope yours is as painless as mine was! I had mild cramping after but nothing to get worked up about! Good luck!


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