feeling a bit light hearted

The clinic called.  We are in for the information session this Saturday!  Time to get the ball officially rolling.

I also spent a great hour today with a great woman... more to come on that later.

Topped off the day with a hip opening yoga class... hips are apparently the place where we hold our emotions.

Things are absolutely looking up and I plan on holding onto that feeling for as long as I can.

I have a very soft spot for what many may think of as juvenile fictional stories.  Peter Pan is one of my favourites.  This original papercut Peter Pan is by tinatarnoff via Etsy.


  1. never juvenile! these stories help shape the people we'll become, much better than the trash they have out for kids these days...miley, I'm looking at you...love this movie!

  2. Good luck with the information session - I'm sure you'll have read loads online but every clinic is a bit different. Love the Peter Pan pics.


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