wainscoting anyone?

A couple of days ago whilst experiencing full fledged panic mode, I had come up with a couple of contingency plans to put into action in case we were benched until January.  One such plan involved either wainscoting or putting up strategically placed molding all over our first floor... well except in the office since it is perfect just the way it is.  I casually dropped this idea to my Husband and let us just say that his response was less than favourable (that from the man who offered to buy us anther kitten!).

I did some google-ing and fell in love.  I may just have to investigate this further, benched or not!

I love the white on white of this room via Horchow

This is dramatic and gorgeous via Horchow

Love the tone on tone of these as well.  That bedroom looks so inviting!  via Lonny

 Love the gold mirror against the all white walls via Lonny
I am not sure I love the different wall colours between the trim and the wall paint, but it is an option to consider.  via lonny via fabulousK
What do you think, can wainscoting add character that is severely lacking in a new home or would I regret this the minute it is up?


  1. I love the idea! Sorry Andrew.... :)

  2. Think the rooms need to be big and open, or it will look busy. I love wainscoting too, and I agree with you, don't love two tone, prefer all same colour. Easy to do, have done it, or I should say, watched someone do it :)


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