new moon at six am

Yes I was watching New Moon at six am this morning.  I started it last night.  My plan was to go to body attack but by five pm, I was just too drained.  So I gave in.  I would have finished it last night but had to stop it so that I could watch Vampire Diaries.  Are we seeing a trend here perhaps?

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Anne Rice... I love them all.  They are such an escape and that is what I need right now.  So instead of trying to expand my reading and viewing variety I have decided to embrace it.  Besides, books and movies about realistic occurrences seem far too stressful at the moment.

Escaping allows me to forget about the anxiety that I have because the clinic has yet to receive my HIV test results, which means we have yet to book our information session, which means that we might not book it on time to start cycling this cycle, which means that we could possibly have another month.. okay I will be honest, it is more like six weeks with me.. of waiting.  In short, it allows me to forget about having no control over this entire process. 

So for that I think I am justified in my six am watching of New Moon.

Heidi thinks so too!


  1. It's so true, too often we deny ourselves the decompression we need. Just like a sea-saw, the stresses of life need balance so we can all keep moving and playing.

  2. I'm all about the escapist stuff -- Gilmore Girls is my lightweight viewing of choice these days.

    Your kitty looks very much like my kitty! Mine is greyer, but same eyes. Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon?

  3. Oh Gilmore Girls is great too! As for the kitty... we're not exactly sure what kind she is. Not a maine coon since I had one of those growing up and he was huge. Heidi was a rescued cat, found in hiding in a pile of wood and unfortunately she can't tell us what she is!


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