my love hate relationship with wheat

A few months back when my skin was at its worse, I decided that I had enough with waiting for my body to right itself.  It was time to take a more drastic approach.  I eliminated dairy, sugar and wheat from my diet completely.  At first I was in a state of constant hunger but I adapted.  I learned that I could deal with the lack of dairy and even sugar.  The wheat was another story.  I love bread.  I do not even really like food but I really do love bread.  I was definitely experiencing withdrawal. 

Fast forward one month and I had yet to notice a significant improvement in my appearance so I decided to reintroduce the long lost dairy, sugar and wheat into my diet.  My body welcomed the dairy and sugar back with open arms.  This was not the case with the wheat.  Perhaps reintroducing wheat in the form of a rich pasta dinner was not the wisest choice I have been known to make. 

I have cheated.  I have paid the price.  I cannot have wheat.  Life goes on but whenever I see a fresh baguette I cry a little on the inside.  Okay perhaps I am being a tad dramatic.

Luckily there are options for those who share my hardship.  Some better than others.  A couple of months ago I discovered a great wheat free brownie option.  I am convinced that even my Husband liked it until I let him in on the wheat free secret.  It was a natural progression to purchase the chocolate chip counterpart.  I only assumed that it would be just as good, perhaps even better than the brownie mix.  I was wrong.

They may not look awful, but believe me they are.  If you have any suggestions for a great wheat free cookie option, please do tell...


  1. Funny enough these cookies were much better on day two. Seems they just needed a bit of time to age!

  2. I went gluten-free almost two years ago, and am so much happier off wheat. Ironically, I did it basically the same way -- my acupuncturist had me go off dairy, wheat and sugar for 3 weeks and then add them back in one at a time.

    I highly recommend the book Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts. Also the blog Both have very high quality gluten-free recipes.

    And for pasta, get corn pasta.

    I have a blog post about this that you might find helpful:

  3. Thank you for the great recommendations bravingivf! I will definitely check out the blog and the book!

    As for the pasta, I've tried rice pasta and had a horrible reaction which is strange because i can definitely eat rice. Perhaps corn pasta is the answer!

  4. I to am gluten free. I am a celiac so it is a big no no, especially if I am trying to concieve. I don't know where you live but if you can get yourself to a whole foods they have fab basic batters that you can add to...a great brand is namaste....BTW good luck on your frist round of IVF I can't wait to hear how it goes...

  5. My naturopath also said something similar - very important to avoid anything that you react to while trying to conceive so I will definitely be strictly adhering to my wheat free diet for now. I wish we had a whole foods. Rumor has it one is coming to Ottawa. I love it!! I will look at some of the natural food stores here for namaste brand. Thank you for the suggestion!


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