It is a chilly monday here in Ottawa but the sun looks like it will make an appearance.  Today we are waiting.  We are waiting for the call from the clinic to schedule our information session.  The clinic still needs my HIV test results.  This is a formality but an obstacle nonetheless.  If we book our information session this week and if every step of the in vitro process goes perfectly then in theory we would know by Christmas.  My stomach is in knots.  It seems to be in this state quite often these days.  So many ifs and so much beyond our control.

All we can do right now is wait.

Idle time is not my friend.  The whole concept of just laying around and relaxing seems not to apply to me at this time.  My Husband forewarned me last weekend that the Ryder Cup was on this weekend.  I love how he recognizes my inability to sit around and entertain myself at this point.  I spent a large part of the weekend with my parents.  Yesterday we went to Gatineau Park on a hike.  This hike has previously taken my Husband and I an hour and forty five minutes to complete.  Yesterday we did it in three.  I enjoyed every second of it.

Wolf Trail, Gatineau Park, Quebec

I love the crunch of the leaves.

Such a pretty colour.


  1. Saw your blog listed in the LFCA & thought I would say hi. It's always nice to find a fellow Canuck blogger, & your photos are gorgeous! Best of luck as you navigate this crazy world of IF. As you'll see, you have plenty of company...!


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