grasping for control

I seem to be struggling.  This is harder than I thought.  I have been trying to remain in a positive state but I am just so distracted.  Focusing on anything is becoming harder every day.  Lately I am stressing about how unnatural this whole process will be for my body.  A year ago we were in such a different place.  I sought out a naturopathic doctor to start trying to conceive in the most natural way possible.  Now I find myself grasping at whatever little control we have left to make this anything close to natural. 

Apparently I am not immune to Rubella but I am not not immune either... I am somewhere in between.  I am now mentally debating whether or not to get the vaccine.  I have been debating this since Friday and have come up blank so I am off tomorrow to see my ND.  Hopefully she can help with the mental haziness that I seem to be experiencing.

One nice surprise today... my love birds print arrived!  New focus for tonight.. deciding how to hang five to six prints and photos!

By theloveshop via Etsy