adventures in meditating and a little entertainment from little one

I failed to mention that I recently purchased the circle + bloom guided meditation series last week.  I have been religiously listening to it every night and if nothing else, it is definitely helping me relax and listen to my body.  The one part that I really like is how it explores and encourages a mind body connection.  I am literally told to visualize my follicles growing and to accept the synthetic hormones pumping through my blood.

So now it it not uncommon for me to be thinking about my ovaries... yes this is what I think about during the course of the day... come on ovaries... grow those follicles.  I hope they are listening.

Meditation is not a foreign concept to me and I hope to further explore it once my thoughts are in a less risky position.  My first encounter with anything resembling meditation was during yoga several years ago.  To my complete horror there was chanting in a class that I attended.  I was just not ready at that point.  I did not buy in to the concept.  I went to yoga so that I could get my splits back and have an excuse to do handstands... not for chanting and meditating or anything remotely spiritual.

This past year I changed my mind.  I was no longer content with the merely athletic type yoga class... I wanted more.  I tried new studios... studios where meditation was a part of every class and I was sold... I am sold.  I was even set on going to an actual shambala centre in ottawa to do actual chanting but then my logic kicked in and I thought that spending an hour wrapped up in my head at the moment could actually be a disaster.

I will revisit it when things change... so for now all I can do is will my follicles to keep on growing.

Well that and continue to escape daily through my always entertaining cats...

How can anyone not love this face!  Little One put on a nice little show for me this afternoon!


  1. OK, this cat is cute (for a cat) :)

  2. OMG! Your cats are both so cute, and beautiful. Good luck with your cycle! I am sorry your meds are hurting. My RE had me mix all the meds together so I only had one injection a night. It did sting some, but it was just one stick and one sting. Well, then of course the sting as it all spread out...

    Happy ICLW! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Ohhhh, so cute. I can't believe I used to hate cats. Now I adore them. I read every night before bed :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the info about the meditation series....I am totally going to check that out. And your cat is precious!

  5. our training at theatre school is 70% focused on connecting the mind/body. our mind has immense power over our bodies because-tada!-they're really all the same thing. Did you know we have 80% as many neurons in our gut and in our heart center as we do in our BRAINS?! that means these two areas have independant memories, impulses ect...tapping into them and imaging your follicles growing is not at all wasted effort but an invitation to the body to be impulsed a certain way. And trust me- you're body's listening! It's you, and it wants what you want. It's the same thing they say about people with illnesses who 'will' themselves better. Sending out evergy and attention to parts of the body actually alter the energy flow there...and can make things happen!!

    I'm so happy to hear you're's something they want all of us students to start practicing too...if they only gave us the time!

    see you in....21 days!

  6. Well I think my ovaries were listening... I will post about it later but things are definitely progressing!!

    Can't wait to see you Steph!!!!!

  7. Awww... what a lovely cat, and an excellent photo too!


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