flying estrogen and some etsy finds

The day started out strong.  The positive thoughts were flowing and there were no jittery nerves surrounding yet another blood test and ultrasound.  The tally now stands at sixteen still developing follicles on the left side and twenty two follicles on the right side, of which five are through the gate and over the nine millimeter threshold. 

My lining is at five point four.  It needs to make its way to seven.  I am confident that it will.  It is merely warming up! 

Now here is the shocker of the day... my estrogen stood at two hundred something as of Monday morning.  I received a call at one pm today and apparently my estrogen somehow sky rocketed to one thousand and fourteen.  Hmmm.  I am not sure what exactly to make of that figure.  Believe me, I have been google-ing.  Apparently a day eight estrogen level should be happy around five hundred... I am on day six..  O..kay...

I am trying not to obsess.  I am succeeding thus far... besides, it is not like my body is going to relinquish all control and do exactly what I want it to do so what is the point of stressing. 

As a consequence of the "stellar" estrogen level my puregon does has been cut down to half of what it was originally...  so that means less time that one of the three needles is in me I will mark then down as a win.

Now for some etsy therapy...

I'm not sure if she's waiting for something or just relaxing... either way I think it's great...SP 07 Photography Print by jkldesign via etsy
Although I think this chandelier is hideous I do love how it looks in this photograph... it must be the Tiffany blue... I have a soft side for it!  All That Glitters by TCapone Photo via etsy.
I love this polaroid.  I wanted it for our Master Bedroom but we chose this one instead.  Nude on Bed by She Hit Pause Studios via etsy.


  1. Sounds like wins all around - you have an insane numbe of follicles (and I mean that in a good way!). I know what you mean about that chandelier/Tiffany blue. I like the relaxing or waiting - but it could be improved by a good pair of Fluevogs! ;-)

  2. Those are so cool! I'm a sucker for wall art. You're follies are insane! No wonder your E is through the roof... if you're ever looking for a place to dump some ice babies, you know who to call ;) Not sure if you're in the states or not, but happy thanksgiving!

  3. whoops- you're in canada. well, happy late thanksgiving?

  4. Wow, that's a good number of follicles!!!
    Hang in there!!! :)

  5. Try not to worry too much about your estradiol levels, mine were even higher than this (I blogged about it as I was concerned too), but I'm sat here PUPO :-)
    Excited for you, that's a great number of follicles!!

  6. Wow Ashley, everything sounds like it's going so well! I'm so pleased to read it.

    Also, I *love* the first and third photos in this post, and the one you linked to that you said you bought for your own house.

  7. Glad to hear things are going well! Hang in there and don't stress too much, it never does any good!

  8. Wow, great follies! I'm sure all will be okay with your estrogen. Sending lots of positive vibes your way!


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