breathing again and thinking about christmas

I am feeling significantly more human today.  I can almost talk without launching into coughing hysteria and today was the first morning since I started the Suprefact injections that I failed to have a headache.  I would say that this is a good day if it was not for the fact that I did not sleep last night... yes I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... at three am this morning... the movie comes out soon so I need to refresh.  Besides, reading is much safer then thinking.  I am my own worst enemy right now.  I also seem to be having a tooth issue.  I loathe the dentist.  I am going tomorrow.  Oh well. Could I please just catch a break soon?

It does look like a gorgeous day outside...yes it is likely somewhat frigid as there was frost on the roof this morning but I will take it.  I have a major case of cabin fever as I have not allowed myself out of the house for any significant amount of time in almost a week.  Soon.  I will get to go outside soon.  I refuse to push my luck so for now I will stay sequestered inside.

My mind is slowly creeping more and more into Christmas mode...

If only I had seasonal wall art... Candy Cane Heart Photograph by zuppaartista via Etsy
Yes I am obsessed with Christmas cards... this one is hilarious!  Naughty List Holiday Card via Apartment Therapy
 Happy Monday!


  1. I hope you catch that break soon! At least you have Harry Potter to look forward to! That is one shimmering beacon that even TTC/IF can't take away from me :)

  2. Funny... I just started listening to my Christmas music last week, and the post I wrote today is about Christmas gifts. It's in the air!

  3. Do feeling better soon! I love Christmas and what a present you'll hopefully be getting!

  4. So glad your feeling better!

  5. Glad you're feeling better - I've been re-reading all the HP's too... can't wait!


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