bronchitis take two

I neglected to post yesterday since I officially have bronchitis.  Again.  I just had it in August.  The good news is that I got antibiotics and an inhaler yesterday and I am feeling a bit more human today.  The other good news is that this is okay right now.  In a week from now it would not be okay.  Bronchitis does not play nice with the strict do not take any drugs while on Puregon phase of IVF.

I have managed to master not coughing while receiving an injection which is definitely a win.  My nurse is also out.  He seems to have developed an increasing rash which is apparently due to a viral infection.  We are quite the pathetic pair at the moment.

Yesterday was spent on the couch sleeping, watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, another episode of Vampire Diaries and Toy Story 3.  Today will be spent in largely the same manner.

If nothing else, at least this is forcing me to literally slow down.  Another plus... I may just have successfully located the hexagonal penny tiles that I mentioned in this post... more to come on that once I rejoin the off-the-couch world.

Happy weekend!

That bed looks so good right now... via LonnyMag


  1. So sorry your sick again. That so sucks. However, if you were going to get sick this is the time to do it. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh poor you Ashley...Not a good time to get bronchitis but you will be feeling better soon. I have been living with bronchitis for most of my life and it really has dragged me down at times. The good news is that last year when I was on death's door a wonderful young female doctor put me on a puff every day and would you believe I have never been healthier. Something you may want to consider once you are beyond the "don't go near any medications" stage of your life. Hope you are in good spirits. I am still waiting for your mom to post something or maybe I missed her. Stay calm..funny you always seemed to me to be the essence of calm...

  3. Sometimes we need something to force us to relax and slow down and it works out for the best in the long run. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I was hoping you could give me some insight on 3 day versus 5 day transfers. I am just starting my first IVF cycle and my doctor is strongly recommending a 3 day transfer. However, I have heard people that really think a 5 day is better.
    Thanks KC
    you wouldn't even make an omlette with stale eggs

  4. Bronchitis sounds awful. but your resting plans sound awesome! good job on making the best of this break and I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Ugh.... being sick is never fun... but I have to say, at least you can take drugs to fight it off now. Love your photos and wanted to really thank you for the kind words and blogstalks. :) I will keep you in my most positive thoughts and follow your story as it unfolds.

  6. sorry you're not feeling well. Enjoy the films though - we're about to watch some Harry Potters too!


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