it's begining...

Yes I am aware that it is merely the first week of November.  As far as I am concerned as soon as the pumpkin is thrown out, it is socially acceptable to contemplate the Christmas season and all of the decorating and gift purchasing that goes along with it.  Besides, I need to keep myself busy right now so I do not dwell on needles, needles and more needles.. did I mention I just had acupuncture and will soon be getting my daily injection?  That is a lot of poking for one day.

So back to discussing the holiday that is steadfastly approaching... 

Letterpress Christmas Tags by rubyvictoria via Etsy.. how pretty would these look on some red and white paper?

Santa's Telephone by Asheville via Etsy... hillarious Christmas Card... who could I send this to?

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Gift Tags by FairestLJ via Etsy... these are just so pretty


  1. Love the tags! You are getting me excited for Christmas :)

  2. Having been born in the northern hemisphere but now living in the southern, it REALLY doesn't feel like Christmas to me. I'm just not used to Christmas being a time you go to the beach and BBQ masses of seafood. :-(

    LOVE the tags (can't pick which is better!) - love the card!

  3. Gorgeousness! I like all the items you've shown us. Isn't etsy the best. Oh, to have a fat much would go to etsy.
    Glad that you are finding distractions from the needles.

  4. Great selections!

    Etsy has some amazing stuff. I'm going to start digging through for presents.

  5. Love the card! I am going to have to check out etsy for cards.

  6. I can not wait!!! We are in Hawaii until the 15th, or else Christmas would be all over my house right now!!!

  7. I'm already in Christmas mode too. If it wasn't for my husband holding me back we'd have a tree up already :)
    [some jazzy christmas music is currently playing in the background]


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