rather be hiking, well maybe not

Yes I would very much rather be hiking... or even running... or at body attack.  I would even settle for some body pump at this point.  The forced hibernation of the last couple of weeks has been tough and has very inconveniently coincided with my last hard exercise window.  That opportunity has come and gone.  I will have to settle with walking and yoga for another few days and then it will just be me and the walking.

Who knew I would crave hard physical work so much?  Well I suppose if I am completely honest with myself, I could have seen this one coming.  I do not exactly excel at sitting in one place for a long period of time and would much rather work out my frustrations in the gym then in my head.

I asked my reproductive endocrinologist if, given my normal workout levels, I could ignore the exercise ban.  Sadly she voiced that my options are walking (oh joy) and swimming.  I am all for swimming in tropical locations at five star resorts, or in fresh clean lakes here in Canada.  I am not all for the public swimming pool.  First there is the issue of the bathing suit.  I think that public pool etiquette would not condone my current bikini options.  Secondly there is the issue of the dirt factor.  In addition to being somewhat of a control freak, I have also been known to exhibit boarderline ocd behaviour especially when it comes to cleanliness.  So long story short, there will be no swimming.

I pushed onwards and inquired about yoga during the stimulation phase.  The answer was yes but it was really no.  Yes I can do yoga.  No I cannot do any yoga pose that involves my butt being higher than my head.  No I cannot do any twisting whatsoever.  I must fear inversions at all costs!  So I could lay around in savasana but I think that I would tire of that fairly quickly.  I pushed a little more.  What would happen if say I did some of these banned options?  The response...  Your ovary could twist and burst.  Okay.  Point taken.  No yoga.

So yes... I would rather be hiking... but hiking does not get you a chance at a baby... at least not the way we hike anyways.  So I will not run.  I will not do high impact aerobics.  I will not do a headstand.  But I will have a chance at a baby.

Acadia, Maine, Summer 2009


  1. I usually go swimming and hiking - although, when I was stimming, I felt so bloated I really didn't feel like doing anything very much anyway, and just wanted to sleep all the time.

    Hope it all goes ok - at the very worst, it's not a long time you'll be out of action, but hopefully you'll be having to take it easy for, ooh, most of the next year!

  2. This one made me laugh out loud! (not the content, the writing. and really, imagining you actually SAYING this in your sarcastic tone). I understand the frustration, though!!

  3. Thanks for writing this...I have given up running since TTC as the doctors think it might help with my whacky progesterone, and I feel selfish when I say how much I miss it. Of course I would rather get pregnant, but feeling pudgy and lazy isn't much fun. Good luck!

  4. Wow...who knew going through IVF and studying at an acting conservatory would have so much in common?! giving up the regular gym has been one of my greatest challenges in the past few months, there just isnt any time! So I understand COMPLETELY the frustration and longing the body gets for a good sweat-a-thon. What keeps me sane? Telling myself it's worth it, I'm getting what I want through sacrifice, exactly how you so beautifully noted at the end of this post.

  5. Wow, that view is amazing! I have never been to that part of Maine but now I want to go! It's amazing the sacrifices we make for our children even before they are born or conceived. xo

  6. I love hiking! But I will also settle for a nice quiet walk around the neighborhood instead for a chance at a BFP.

    Also- my ovaries get SO uncomfortable during IVF, I think you won't want to do there with yoga poses.

  7. Maybe you could do upavistakonasana with your head on a block. Not very active, but soothing. I'm sorry you can't move as much as you'd like and I hope you find some kind of peace in that over the days and weeks to come.

    I LOVE hiking too, and have been to Acadia. What a gorgeous shot of you up there, looking out at the view. You'll be hiking again soon, and hopefully with a little one in a baby backpack carrier.

  8. I feel your pain. All I want to do is sweat for an hour at the gym, but I'm afraid I'll burn too many calories! My doctor thinks I'm absolutely insance (she hasn't said this, but I can tell) and kindly suggested that gaining weight over the holidays should be an easy goal. She doesn't know who she's talking to.

  9. I'm not into exercise much, but I can relate to the feeling that cycling puts you under a yoke.

    (Arrived from the Crème de la Crème list)

  10. I hear you. Being restricted in movement is hard.

    (here from creme)


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