that light feeling

I am unsure if it is the fact that I have finally escaped the confines of our house for more than an hour, that I spent a lovely but frigid hour outside this morning paying tribute to Remembrance Day, or that I enjoyed a non fat extra hot tazo chai... but whatever is it, it is working.  I am feeling better, happier, lighter.

Today is my last day on Marvelon, the oh so despised birth control pill.  Maybe that is why I am happier...perhaps my body knows this break up is reoccurring and is giving me a break as a reward.  The three weeks have flown by and I am very happy to be graduating from this stage of the cycle. 

I still have a while to go before the real action happens, that is the hopeful egg retrieval.  That while also involves significant amounts of needle receiving.  I have decided that when it comes to the needles, I really just need to worry about each one as it comes.  I must avoid peaking in the needle bag or calculating how many pokes remain at all costs. 

I am nervous, stressed, scared and excited.. this whole process is feeling more real every day.

In an attempt to continue to plan things to help cope with the stress I have begun to ponder Christmas baking.  I have hinted in past that the kitchen and I do not exactly have a solid relationship.  This is just going to have to change.  Time to do some digging for some delicious wheat free baking options.  Google-ing here I come!

My current level of relationship with the kitchen ... well close to it anyways!  Butcher's Block by Meganzii via Etsy


  1. Glad your feeling a bit better! Try not to think about the needles too much. You can do this!

  2. Yay for no more birth control! :D

    Good luck with the baking!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog it sounds like we are having very similar cycles! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!


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