santa's been busy

I put on my go-to low waisted leggings this morning and we headed out for some Christmas shopping.  I am not sure if I mentioned this previously but the only thing I can wear these days is this pair of leggings.  Well that is not entirely true, I did manage a pair of skinny jeans last night but the open fly was concealed by a nice long tee.

Santa was busy!  We are almost done all of our shopping.  This is a record.  I have been known to be that person.  Yes that person... you know the one who is shopping at four pm on December twenty fourth.. oh yes that person.  I will not make that mistake this season. 

I knew we had to get the shopping done stat this season... right now I am in a good frame of mind... who knows how long this will last?  I personally am hoping for this good frame of mind to bring me into 2011...

What do I enjoy almost as much as shopping... wrapping.  Yes my obsessive compulsive tendancies do make me a tad of a perfectionnist when it comes to wrapping a gift... but believe me, I love every minute of it.

Wrapping will take place tomorrow... after the appointment.  I feel kind of like a child on christmas eve right now.  I am feeling the bloat... a lot.... bending down is proving to be problematic... and I am also just plain feeling a lot down there.  My ovaries must be working... I just hope they are not working overtime.  I want a good amount of follicles but I am no where near wanting to set a record here.

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough!

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  1. I can't wait to hear about your appointment tomorrow! I am the same way about wrapping presents, every one of them must be taped and wrapped perfectly or else I start over. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I'll be desperately waiting to hear about those big ole follies! Good luck.

  3. I am so ready for Christmas this year! Bring it! (and good luck!) :)

  4. That is so awesome that you have done all your shopping already. Good job! Yea for things going well on your cycle. I hope you get more good news soon.

  5. So, so, so jealous of your shopping prowess. Happy wrapping!

  6. Thinking of you today and hoping everything goes smoothly at the appointment!!! Impressive on the shopping front too!

  7. I LOVE wrapping gifts probably more than any other part of Christmas! My husband and my tradition used to be that I wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve - he used to be in charge of keeping my champagne glass full. (Husband hates/is so bad at wrapping gifts that he even puts mine in boxes so I can wrap my own.)

  8. I looooooooooooove the note cards!! Those are awesome!! Great job on the shopping too! ICLW


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