slow and steady

My body apparently is not quite ready to give up its eggs... it is close... but not quite there. I am willing it to get ready soon. I hope it is working.

Our monitoring appointment this morning showed that I have many eggs... many that are close to the two centimeter mark. Multiply that by oh let's say twenty and then you have the explanation for my continued state of constant bloat. A few are right there hovering around the two centimeter mark and the rest are so close but just shy from where they need to be.

My egg retrieval date is now pushed to Wednesday. This is both good news and bad news. The bad of course is that to say I am uncomfortable would be putting it lightly at this point. How unfair is it that while we have to undergo in vitro for our fertility challenges, I end up looking pregnant. I mean really, is this some kind of a joke?

Now the good... we will have our actual reproductive endocrinologist perform the retrieval... ensuring that it will be a woman who will be down there. I have nothing against male doctors... I am sure they are fantastic... I just feel more at peace and less squeamish with a female doctor. Secondly, I have read some raving reviews online about her retrieval skills. Apparently she has quite the a good way. So for those reasons I will take the extra day delay.

So here we are on day ten of stimulants. Tonight will hopefully (please cross your fingers) be the last night of the triple needle party in my stomach. Hopefully what they say is true... that slow and steady wins the race!

So pretty!  Fragile by Mai Autumn via etsy


  1. Here from ICLW. Oh man, do I remember this well! I had to coast for several days before retrieval on my first IVF, and I remember thinking how ironic it was to look 5 months pregnant and be completely uncomfy without actually being pregnant. May your discomfort and already-pregnant look be aaaalllll worth it! :-D

  2. Sorry for more needles, but you have so many fantastic sounding follicles - and they're not pushing and triggering you early - hopefully you never need to do it again! :-D

  3. Sorry your so uncomfortable, but yea for great growth and your er soon. good luck!


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