the agonizing wait... and a few etsy treasures

Today is Sunday so I have another five days to go until we know whether this worked.  Every minute is hard.  My mind needs an off button.  The constant analyzing of potential symptoms is just plain agonizing...  This type of waiting should really be illegal.

Yes I saw the postings of others during this two week wait in the past... it was clear that this was to be no picnic but the ignorant part of me told me that it would not be this hard for me... I would stay blissfully positive and the time would fly by.  Well I was wrong.  It is damn hard and it sucks.

I know that nothing I can do at this point will sway the outcome... the decision has been made and I cannot wait to hear it.

In one of my constant attempts to lose myself in something other than thinking here are some etsy treasures that would be lovely under the tree!

Grey Skies Broadside by MayDayStudio via etsy
Pink Sapphire Crystal Ring by Saara Reidsema via etsy
Ornate Oval Baroque Vintage Frame by Dignified Rubbish via etsy
Happy Sunday!


  1. I am hoping so badly that it has worked for you!! Will you test early at all? I'm keeping everything crossed for you!!! FX

  2. It is so hard to turn your brain off. Even now I google everything under the sun. I hope the next days go by quick for you and that you get happy news!

  3. Hope you're doing ok. About the only thing that can take my mind off it during a 2ww are video games and sleeping (and even sleeping I have 2ww related dreams!) I always crack and test early, but I know I shouldn't.

  4. It sounds agonizing, like you said. I hope I'll get to feel that agony some day, but I'm sure I won't like it once I'm in it.
    I hope the week has many things to distract you. May Friday come quickly!
    Beautiful Etsy finds, btw.

  5. Hang in there, keep occupying yourself with beautiful things :)

  6. Hope you’re hanging in there. Thinking about you! Try to stay busy.


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