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The new oh so anticipated issue of Lonny Magazine was revealed to the world yesterday.  It is fabulous.  It makes me want to paint several surfaces in our home (which is obviously a bad idea... and I will resist... for now)!

I have six days remaining in my wait.  I think the word torture is the only word that accurately reflects my current state of mind.  I knew this would be hard... but does it really need to be this hard?

The good news... Andrew's Christmas Party is tonight so I can spend a significant amount of time today prepping myself for that.

Now back to Lonny...

Gorgeous table setting... via Lonny
Love the coffee table...via Lonny
Oh the wall colour!  via Lonny
Ummm chandelier... yes please!  via Lonny
I think I just might need to get a garland for our railing... and some ribbon of course...via Lonny
Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh my gosh, those are gorgeous photos! I'm sorry you're having a tough wait. I'm thinking of you! Sticky positive vibes!!

  2. Love the paint colours too. I just love colour. To me there is nothing worse than a white wall! Have fun at the party tonight. I love primping but have not been in the mood lately. I seriously haven't looked this disasterous since I was a pre-teen with classes and braces. I have a unibrow, my roots need doing and I haven't seen any make-up in 6 weeks. I think I will do my best to shine this terd today because at this point I might start scaring people.
    I am dying to hear more about your 2ww. Do you have any symptoms? I know you are trying not to obsess but I don't have your willpower.

  3. These pictures are so vivid and beautiful!


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