fancy a swim?

I have been craving a dip lately.  I think that perhaps a pool would restore me to my lighter self... temporarily of course... and that's the cause of this craving.  I am not a lover of the public swimming pool but I might suck it up and go for a swim if I can find a decent bathing suit.  I am all for the belly baring bikini but not in a public indoor pool in the middle of the winter (did I mention it was minus thirty five degrees Celsius today!!  brrrrrr!).

I am thinking that the tankini is the way to go... I just haven't had any luck in the tankini shopping department thus far.  There are several maternity tankinis available online... I just don't know that I can go there yet... as in admit to myself that I actually require one of these suits to accommodate my growing twin belly.

Of course a hotel pool would be ideal and that might just be in the cards in a few weeks time as my Mom and I are planning a Montreal getaway for some preggo clothes for me... and hopefully some fashionable finds for her.  Bikini in a hotel swimming pool.... I am thinking a definite yes.

Until then I will either suck it up and go public or continue to hunker down as I have been doing and wait awhile to fulfill this craving.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is an incredible colour and looks very relaxing!  via National Geographic


  1. I personally love my tankini suits. I get mine from Land's End. One of the few clothing items I buy on-line. But I also gave up on bikinis after I passed the age of 18 and became way too self conscious. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and have fun!

  2. Those hot baths look splendid. Wouldn't it be nice, right about now? -35 is pretty cold. It was only -24 or something where I was. Balmy. We're preparing for the big snow storm tomorrow. I'm not sure if it will also visit you.
    Hope the trip to Montreal happens. Sounds like fun. And Montreal has great hotels with pools. I'm thinking of the Queen E, with the outdoor heated pool on the roof.

  3. Ah heaven. Bed time here so i will pretend I am soaking.
    Mary Ann

  4. hi ashley! i'm new to your blog and i love it! i'm following you now, too! those thermal baths have always been on my to-do list, but somehow i just can't get over the sulfur smell that lingers on you afterwards..haha.

  5. Marissa - I definitely didn't think about the sulfur smell... that would definitely not go over well with my crazy sense of smell at the moment!!

    Augusta - thanks for the hotel suggestion. So far we've been looking at the Westin in Montreal - it has a glass bottom pool that overlooks the lobby entrance.

  6. mmmm pool. Good idea! For whatever reason I was thinking I would have to wait until June when our pool was open (and warm enough!) to go for a dip. That will be devine with our huge bellies!

  7. That pic looks great. I am so ready for some warm weather!


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