I have been researching, testing, and experimenting with products for the better part of my life, all in a never-ending attempt to achieve flawless, near perfect skin.  I have won at times and come pretty close to the goal... other times have been less successful and then other times have been downright horrific... now would likely fall between less successful and horrific.  I tried every prescribe-able drug when I was younger, took natural herbs and drugs over the course of the last year and even eliminated complete food groups all in hopes of visible results. 

There was a glimmer of hope for a few months pre-ivf but of course I guessed that the in vitro drugs would wreak havok on my progress and I was right... unfortunately.  Well pregnancy is a whole new game and with two babies growing I also get to enjoy double the hormones.... which to make a long story short translates into double or triple the skin problems.

I am trying not to care... I am trying to keep my eye on the prize(s) and not to focus on vanity.  So I am now looking past the skin care and on to the hiding of said issues. 

I need a new liquid foundation....now....

I've tried several formulations from several brands over the years... the closest I have come to perfection is Laura Geller's Phenomenal Foundation in light.  My issue with this specifically is that it is hard to get in Canada.  Sephora used to carry it but they stopped about a year ago.  I recently tried Zuii Organic's Certified Organic Flora Liquid Foundation but I find that it feels heavy on my skin and also causes my face to itch which can't be good.  So now I am back at square one.  I am currently debating Shiseido's Dual Balancing Foundation but would really love to hear some suggestions.

I need something that feels light and airy with buildable coverage, keeping in mind that my skin is super sensitive and has major issues.

help please...

Oh to have such flawless skin!  Melanie Laurent via Vanity Fair


  1. aveda makeup? they have a store at rideau! I have tried there lip gloss fantastic!

  2. I use Shiseido's Dual Balancing Foundation and I looooove it!!! It gives you complete coverage without looking like you're wearing makeup, and it definitely doesn't feel heavy. It was also really nice to my skin when I was having breakout problems, and hasn't caused me to break out since... so I definitely recommend it!

  3. Hey there - I just gave you an award on my blog. I love all the interesting, beautiful things you find to write about!


  4. I am always searching for new products too! I adore Aveda as well :) xoxo

  5. OOO, I could use some new things, I'll remember these....

  6. I absolutely addicted to 100% Pure hydrating oil, coffee bean eye cream, and all the fun bath scrubs and washes. Everything is all-natural. Gluten free, even. Literally you could eat it (I know, but why would you?).

    My favorite foundation is called Color Science. I discovered it at the dermatologist a little over a year ago. It's a mineral power that comes in a compact. All good for the skin. I use concealer to hid the usual things (dark circles, etc.) then brush this amazing product all over my face (definitely buildable). Hides everything.

    Good luck.

    Let us know if you find something you like!

  7. I don't have any good makeup tips... I usually use mineral foundation - but it doesn't have super great coverage.
    But I do have a tip for a supplement to try 'Biotone EFA' by Genestra... my naturopath recommended it to avoid stretch marks, but it's also good for balancing hormones - so it cleared up my skin. I wish I started using it earlier in my pregnancy! ...I still use it now.

  8. I'm not sure if this product would be 100% safe during pregnancy, but mandelic acid has been the one product that really made a difference in my skin. It works both as an antibacterial agent and as an exfoliant so it treats most causes of breakouts. The brand Garden of Wisdom is pretty good and start slowly (applying maybe 3x a week). As for foundations, I know a lot of people love the coverage Make Up Forever products have, but it's pretty pricey. Best of luck!

  9. Hey,

    I just found your blog - not sure if you remember us but you came to us before your wedding to purchase Classified!

    I wanted to share with you that I TOO have major problems with my skin - it totally sucks and it seems like a never ending battle! My Mom used to tell me that it would pass after my teenages year! That would have been nice...
    Now at the age of 26, just 2 and a half weeks before my wedding and my skin is a MESS! My saving-grace: A combo of Face Atilier Pro Ultra Foundation and Lift Cosmetics Dual Powder.

    The Face Atilier is so fabulous, totally buildable and most of all it doesn't look cakey! I like to set my problem areas with Lift's Dual powder just to make sure the coverage REALLY lasts!

    Anyway, I hope this helps! We're full of great tips and tricks for the every day girl so if you feel like it, check out our site at www.liftbeautyboutique.com and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Lift Beauty Girl

  10. I have extremely sensitive skin and have had great success with Laura Mercier's foundations. http://www.lauramercier.com/store/shop/Flawless-Face_Foundations_l_cat180084


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