frequenting the gym while pregnant... an assault of the senses

Last night I dragged myself to the gym.  It has been way too long since I have been there and I need to snap out of this lethargic state.  I was not looking to be a hero in any way... I was just looking for a quick walk on a treadmill.  I did manage the walk but it was not without effort.... the smell in there was absolutely horrendous!  I am not sure whether it always smells that bad and I just never noticed, whether the mass increase in the number of people frequenting the gym post holidays is to blame, or whether my new elevated sense of smell is that of a canine...   I am going to go with the last option. 

I almost walked out but I thought as long as I failed to gag on the way to the change room I could surely stomach a twenty minute walk.  I made it out alive and gag free but I think I will stick to less populated times going forward.

I am still accepting the fact that I must take it easy right now and that I cannot just jump into my old exercise habits.  I was always one of those judging people who would think that I could run my heart out when pregnant and that those who sat around on a couch were just plain lazy.  I stand completely corrected and have realized that carrying two babies around is exhausting.

Needless to say I have no immediate plans to start running and will likely stick to walking and yoga for now and work my way up to light spinning and weight lifting in perhaps a month or so.

This AntiGravity yoga class looks so tempting... although I am sure it's likely not pregnancy safe... seeing as I get dizzy for merely standing up!  via


  1. Just found your blog. I, too, am newly preggo with twins via IVF. I am 5w3d and am excited to see another I can follow.

    I hear you about the exercise business. My RE said no exercise until we hear heartbeats which will be next week. I'm dying to pump it up a bit!

  2. That's great that you can exercise, even for a bit. I've seen pregnant and very pregnant ladies at my gym, mostly on the elliptical - and that's why I am not going to that gym - just kidding! we have a gym in the basement so much easier - and no smells (most of the time)!

  3. I can't remember where you live but it looks like it's someplace cold based on your Christmas presents. Can you walk outside to avoid the gym smell?
    Right now I am just walking 30 minutes in the evening. When I get a little farther along, I will add another 30 minutes in the morning and yoga.
    I thought I'd be like Charlotte in the first Sex and the City movie, running around the park pregnant. don't think so now.

  4. I think your doing a good job period. I have always hated the gym and was not good with exercise. So I think anything your doing is great. I need to start walking more.

  5. oh - the smells! everything smelled disgusting while I was pregnant, and this unfortunately lasted the entire pregnancy for me. I would have to wash our sheets twice a week, and had to put my perfume away for 9 months.
    walking outside is good - just get a warm parka and an ipod :)

    I had lots of great intentions of exercising while pregnant as well - unfortunately I had low blood pressure which made me dizzy, and I'd start to get contractions if I worked too hard. Don't worry about being 'lazy' for 9 months - your body is doing a lot of work just growing those babies! Hopefully in the second trimester you'll get some energy back.

  6. Lady - I'm impressed with the gym going! I feel lucky if I make it home and onto the couch. Keep it up!

  7. I've just been walking as well. DH and I take the dog every night, which is so nice for us to have the quality time which we wouldn't have if we went to the gym. However, I have my 6 week u/s on Friday to hear the heartbeats, then I want to sign up for some prenatal yoga :)


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