so long to the skinny

Hello maternity clothes... Yes it is that time. I was really hoping to make it to the twelve week mark before taking the plunge into maternity wear but my body has other ideas. I have been wearing the bella band for a few weeks now with my fly unzipped but my jeans end up falling down and making my butt look saggy which I promise you it is not.

I looked around to see what the online world of maternity clothes has to offer and I was disappointed to say the least.  I managed to find a couple of decent options but nothing has really grabbed my full attention thus far.  I am hoping it is because it is January and we are between seasons... really really hoping this is the cause for the less than glamorous options I am finding.

I know some people think that it does not matter, you are pregnant so you have a license to look bad... I fully disagree.  I am finding it hard to accept these constant changes in the size of my stomach, and always present but ever increasing skin issues.  I need to at least feel like I look good, call me vain that is fine, but this is harder than I thought. 

There is a glimmer of hope... I have heard rumors online of an Anthropologie maternity line debuting in February... please let this be true! 

For now I say farewell to my skinny self... I will miss you but I will see you again... I promise...

ASOS Maternity Three Quarter Sleeve Tab Shoulder Shirt
Boob Maternity Treggings
Boob dress..... this would work well in oh mexico.... hint hint Andrew
Cavorting Flora Blouse.... maybe this non maternity top could work... maybe...
Kaleidolight Cardigan from Anthrologogie could definitely work with my growing bump
and the search continues.... have any maternity clothing suggestions... please do share!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I also had the hardest time finding maternity clothes I liked during my first pregnancy. Several time I just ended up buying larger sizes of regular clothes because it was so impossible to find decent, modern maternity looks. One item I absolutely loved though were my Gap maternity jeans, I'd highly recommend them! They fit well, were extremely comfortable, and looked cute! Please continue to share your finds, I'm also hoping things are a bit trendier this time!

  2. I think you will be the best-dressed pregnant woman, perhaps in the history of pregnant women!! :)

  3. H&M does have a pretty Cute Maternity line!!

  4. I am not carrying twins, but I have found that if you buy plus size clothing it's more stylish and it's cheaper than having to buy maternity stuff right away.

  5. Glad you are doing all this research...hopefully I'll be needing it soon!

  6. Can you seriously go to Mexico and not drink marg's? I mean not that you have a choice, but I'd rather not go :P

  7. Thanks for the suggestions so far!

    Still A Guest Room - I hope you will need this info soon too!

    Susan - I can definitely go to mexico and not drink marg's .... virgin coloda's are pretty good... it's the coronas that I would miss!

  8. Those jeans are fabulous! You would totally look hot in a pair.

    I used to find really cute things at "Pea in a Pod." Check them out when you get a chance.

    Happy to be your newest follower!

  9. I am finding my jeans uncomfortable when I'm sitting and officially unbuttoned for the first time at 7 weeks with twins. I just bought the belly band today... hope I have better luck with it! I will probable hold off on wearing it though for as long as possible, its a little embarassing to use it when I'm so early! Oh well!

    Thanks for the cute clothes ideas ;-) I agree with Cool Gal... Pea in the Pod has REALLY cute clothes!

  10. Well, let's start this off by saying: YAY! not fitting into jeans means babies growing - all good things! Just hope for an early summer so you can break out the dresses :) In the mean time, leggings / tights and lots of dresses?

  11. All of the maternity clothes you have posted in this site are very nice and fashionable surly many pregnant women will like it so much.


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