have a cozy weekend

It is frigid in Ottawa today and the weekend is only getting cooler... time to hibernate.

I've rented three movies, Andrew's picking up a couple of dinner options and then we are hunkering down and staying in.

I plan on investigating some babymoon options and hopefully getting into my new book, One Secret Summer by Lesley Lokko.  I've read all of her other books and they are a nice escape without being overly fluffy.  I read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls last week and although it was an amazing book, it was also quite stressful, and I found myself awake at night thinking of the horrible neglect that she experienced as a child.

I will also be spending some time perusing the following great finds from other bloggers this week:

Super cute baby basics from Mini Mioche that Joanna posted about at Cup of Joe.

Debating the idea of being a SAH WFH ... Elizabeth from E Tells Tales got me thinking.

and finally... taking the plunge into maternity clothes.... the plan... ASOS, Anthropologie sale forgiving cardigans, and Ingrid and Isabel basics.

How will you be spending your weekend?

I hope it's warm!

Dog Day Afternoon by sintwister via etsy


  1. so cute! i just came across your blog! i think you will love my giveaway that goes until tonight!

  2. "Plunge" is a good word. I hate maternity clothes. Mostly because I don't have that many and don't want to get that many. I only have 4 months left...but that's a long time to go without choices.


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