i'll take the snow if spring is on its way!

It has been snowing all day.  I realize that we haven't been hit as hard as other regions but it is still bad in my mind.  Anything cold, wet and frozen falling from the sky is bad in my books.  There is hope... apparently the groundhog predicted that spring is on its way. 

via The Dancing Maenad

I sure hope the little critter is right!


  1. People in California are keeping quiet...can't appear jerky about our weather. Of course, we DO have the constant threat of earthquakes.
    Mary Ann

  2. Such a cute photo! And I have to agree with Mary Ann above- us Californians are keeping mum! xoxo

  3. hehe, that's cute! I hope he's right, too!

  4. Man, I wish it would snow here in California! I have only seen snow falling once in my life. I grew up in south Texas, and it NEVER snowed. However, now that I'm not there, it has decided to start snowing apparently. :/


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