an ob appointment and some adorable animals

We had our first obstetrician appointment this morning and things went surprisingly well.  I say surprisingly as I developed a ton of anxiety yesterday pre-appointment... I had myself convinced that I would hate him... that he would say that I would have to have a c-section, that I couldn't exercise at all, that he was all for episiotomies, inducing labor and epidurals but he was not.  He was very open and does not seem to push intervention which made me release a big sign of relief.  I get that some situations dictate emergency procedures and that I certainly cannot control everything but knowing that he understands where I am coming from was very reassuring.

We have the ultrasound date set for when we will get to find out the gender of these two....... March 30th..... let the countdown begin!

Now for the animals.... I randomly receive updates from 20X200 and today I took a quick look through the site and discovered Sharon Montrose and her adorable animal photographs... here's a taste....

Kitten and Feather via
Baby Raccoon via
Flamingo No. 1 via
Baby Bunny No. 3 via
I think we might just need a couple of these.....


  1. sorry, racoons are not adorable!

  2. Oh you're cute! Do not worry, in 10 years you won't remember any of these details.

  3. So glad that your ob appointment went well and that you liked your doc ;)

  4. Hahaha Susan I totally forgot about your adventures with raccoons! I suppose I might feel differently if raccoons decided to make my attic their home and to throw parties up there!

  5. I'm glad everything went well at your appt!


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