organic isn't always better....

Especially when it comes to my nose!  With my crazy canine scent abilities these days my nose quickly tells the rest of my body what it likes, loves and despises.  Skin care products are no exception... if anything my nose is on extra high alert when it comes to what I am putting on my skin since I will keep on smelling it for a good long time.  In my ongoing quest for everything organic I have been purchasing mostly organic skin care products for a while now.... this practice is slowly but steadily ending.... or on a hiatus perhaps.

When I first found out I was pregnant I rushed to a local natural store and purchased Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter in hopes of preventing the dreaded stretch marks... unfortunately in my opinion, this stuff stinks... I mean scent wise... it's just awful.

You see, I have a thing for all things Clarins.... it's the fragrance...  My love of this brand was sparked years ago and is directly tied to my love of Mexico and hot, sunny beaches in general....  the product that started it all... Clarins after sun moisturizer.  It smells amazing, the scent lasts forever and it instantly calms me.

In Montreal I was on a shopping role and decided to check out the Clarins counter at Ogilvy's.  I walked away with two products.... an alleged pregnancy must have arsenal to ward off stretch marks.... in short.... I was not let down.  Not only do these products smell soothing and refreshing at the same time, they also seem to somehow work.  When I was younger and quit gymnastics my body decided it was time to grow some hips.... I got some hips and some stretch marks to match.  The marks are disappearing!

So for now I have decided that my mental well-being which, these days, is directly tied to how happy my nose is... beats out my desire to go organic.

Thank you Clarins....

This started the obsession!
The Tonic smells amazing
Step two in the anti Stretch Mark routine!

What's your favourite soothing scent?


  1. NO scents are tolerable for me right now, even some things that say they are unscented.

    I don't know if you'd be interested, but asos has free delivery worldwide and for many items has catwalk videos of clothes so you can see how they move. They also put the model's measurements so you have an idea if they are merely bizarrely tall or obscenely tall. The 1st page of manternity doesn't have anything very interesting on it, but here's the link

  2. Did I just write 'manternity'?!? Mabye Andrew can find some clothes!

  3. Definitely going to try this! I had the same problem when I quit gymnastics right before high school....and they aren't cute.

  4. tasivfer - thank you for the suggestion! I have seen some cute things on ASOS and free shipping might just make me pull the trigger!

    Still a Guest Room - I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only problem with this issue!

  5. Scent has always been a huge issue with me, and now that I am pregnant, Its gotten near ridiculous. I find cocoa butter appealing though, and it's really good with stretch marks. As well as refreshing natural scents like lemon.
    I'm really glad you like your OB.. I was in the same boat, I was terrified that I would have to do battle to have the kind of birth I want, or to even have him listen to me. Turns out I was able to find a pretty open minded practice, plus I'm hiring a doula, so I'm feeling a lot better about the whole thing.

  6. I love the lavender oil I put on my wrists every night before bed, it makes me feel calm and safe, oddly.
    Oh, and the smell of fresh sushi....mmm....

  7. How freaky is that? I did gymnastics too right up till I was 13 (or when puberty hit!)

    Went to Corona in Nepean.

    Mmmm Clairins. Lovely smelling!

  8. Debs - too funny.... I went to Corona too!


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