Lately I find myself thinking of random, long forgotten things of my childhood.  I am not a sentimental person and I have a horrible memory so it's funny what is popping into my head unannounced these days.  I guess all of this reminiscing is likely caused by my current train of thought, which is largely baby focused.  What will they be... girls or boys.... what will it be like to raise girls or boys.... what toys and books will we buy them... I could go on and on and on... you get the point.

So... what exactly have I been remembering?

The Barbapapas via

Ant and Bee Go Shopping inspired my love of shopping at a very young age!
Zoobilee Zoo... okay I admit this looks plain freaky now but I loved it then.
Pippi Longstocking via.... I loved those movies and wish I could get my hands on them now.
And that's just the beginning. 

I am really hoping my parents kept the books as I took a quick look on ebay and the Ant and Bee books along go for $70 + a pop! 

I'm curious now... does anyone else share these same childhood memories?


  1. Is Pipi and friends smoking? OR is that just me? LOL.

  2. Hot dang! I loved that Pippi movie, and forgot all about it. Netflix time.

  3. Ok, it could be the two glasses of wine I had, but is Pippi and the dude smoking joints?!!

  4. They are definitely smoking joints.... oh, the fun, new perspectives you'll have as an adult watching all these old classics! I, for one, remember raggedy ann, mr. dressup and goodnight moon.

  5. I do the same love! I loved that Pipi movie too :)


  6. Hahaha yes it definitely looks like Pippi and friends are smoking some joints! The important thing here is that when I was little I clearly didn't notice this! I really want to get my hands on these movies again!

  7. Ohhh my gosh!! I was JUST thinking about Zoobilee Zoo and wondering what happened to it! so funny! and Pippi was a fave! Need to go hunt down some you tubes:)

  8. Haha we JUST had this conversation in my office.

    Do you remember Teeny Little Super Guy??

    Or how about the Sesame Street Pinball song? A classic.

  9. I have loved Ant & Bee since I was a little girl of the 1970s! Now I have to go dig out my original copies plus the reissues I bought in the 90s and reread them all!


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