one day I will go to santorini

For now I will just dream...

Santorini by bellalucephotography via etsy
Santorini by bellalucaphotography via etsy
Atlantis Fine art Santorini by littleBstudio via etsy

Santorini Doorway by PhotoArtByWendy via etsy
Architecture in Santorini, by wzphotography via etsy
Barbie's Vespa by aroundin80frames via etsy
If you could go anywhere today... where would you go?


  1. I am dying to go to Santorini too... If I could go anywhere today, though, it would be Morocco or Turkey. Or Belize. Oh, so many places...

  2. WOW! I want to go now, too! I'd really like to go to Spain or England.

  3. Amazing place!!!! I would go make a long road trip through America or Canada or go to my favorite spot in the South of France:)

  4. Jessica - Belize sounds fantastic!

    LisaB - Spain sounds great!

    Christel - road trips can be so great. Some of my best trips have been by car, just taking it all in!

  5. Greece is exactly where we would like to go next! The Ionian Islands, actually! Although I know that is not likely anytime soon ;-) I would also love to sail around Croatia... another dream vacation! One day!

  6. Absolutely beautiful!

    If I could go anywhere, I'd pick Bora Bora! *sigh*

  7. I've always wanted to go to Santorini too!!

    Now my dream is Costa Rica, but maybe that's getting too popular. Maybe El Salvador. Somewhere rain-foresty!

  8. You should go. I went this past September and it was amazing!

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