spring is near

Today is March 1st and that means that we are nineteen days away from the first official day of spring!  To say that I am excited is a large understatement!  We got a large dump of snow yesterday but it's that light kind that will hopefully disappear with the rain this week.

I don't think I have ever wanted spring as bad as I do this year.  I long for the days of Hunter Boots and big fresh puddles, of birds chirping and warm sunny skies, of leaving the house in flats instead of winter boots and of always needing my sunglasses.

I think the reasons for this are largely belly related..... it will be so much nicer to walk outside when I don't have to continually scan the ground for ice.... so many heavy layers make me feel that much bigger normally, add the belly and well you get the picture.... and the biggest reason..... if spring doesn't come soon I am going to burst through my winter non-belly friendly coat.  Come. On. Spring!

 Some spring inspiration.... to tie us cold weather dwellers over until the real thing!
Spring is almost here!

My first attempt at using Polyvore!  If you know how I go about centering this... please.... let me know! 


  1. Love the polyvore combo! can't help you with centering but it looks great.

  2. I know it's not officially spring yet but as far as I'm concerned spring starts on 1st March. Makes me much happier!!


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