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If you have been following along for a while now, you will already know that I have been counting down to warm weather for quite some time.  You might also know that something strange happened to me recently and I decided I would rather not travel anytime in near future (weird pregnancy instinct.... I think so) so instead, we are going to create our very own backyard oasis in the coming months.  I have been busy dreaming up furniture, plant and accessory ideas while my Husband has been drafting deck, patio and retaining wall details.

Some might think that March in Ottawa, especially a March with snow following, is a tad too early for patio furniture shopping.  I disagree.  In an effort to maximize our far too short summer months, Canadians have a tendency to be seen sitting outside on patios on the first days post snow melt.  This tendency also translates into a very early patio furniture season where, if you don't act quickly, you will be relegated to using your parent's old patio set cira 1970.

So last weekend, when my Mom and I happened upon the Ikea spring release of its patio furniture, I knew it was time to get shopping.

The first set we considered was this one....

Ikea Nordano table and chairs via

At first glance this set looked perfect.  We had a much smaller version of the table when we lived in our condo and what is great is that the table can be adjusted.  This one starts out seating four and when the sides are folded out it can seat six or even eight.  The chairs also seemed great at first.  They recline.  Then we realized that the backs are so low that if you reclined in the chair.... it would be downright uncomfortable.  At a price tag nearing the $850 mark for the table, four chairs, four chair cushions, the umbrella and the umbrella stand.... we decided to keep looking.

The next set we saw to me...... cried less than ideal quality..... but it was moving towards the right idea....

This is from the Hudson Collection at Canadian tire.  It just seemed a little too delicate for my taste and for the always changing weather.  The total price was roughly $700.

We also saw a set similar to this one but I think it's too "Miami Beach" for our backyard...

Patioflare Acadia via Home Depot
Slightly too modern for oasis vision I think.  Price tag.... $999.

Finally we found this option.... 

Martha Stewart Fiori via Home Depot
This set is perfect for what we are looking for and the price was definitely a great surprise... $599 for all eight pieces (six chairs, six cushions, the table, the umbrella).  This feels laid back and refined at the same time.

We picked it up on Saturday (it was great to get out of this house for an hour after being sequestered inside battling this flu).  The boxes were slightly larger than anticipated and we had to tie down both of our cars to get all three boxes home.  They are now in the garage.  Andrew managed to maneuver them out of the cars with one working arm.  Once this awful snow melts for good, we will be one step closer to getting them in the backyard!

Now we just need to find a couple nice loungers for the deck, a small accent table, a bunch of pots, plants, .... and the list goes on.


  1. Love the patio set you selected (and great! How fun to be making a backyard oasis! Hope you are over your flu...
    -Kristen from

  2. Ooh, may have to steal your furiture! Last year we built a deck on our home but had no money left for furnishings. Time to start shopping!

  3. Your final choice is so lovely! Not too fragile not too big. Elegant cushions. Just beautiful:) Hopefully you get to enjoy them very soon.

  4. Lovely choice of furniture. We need to get some new garden furniture too as our current stuff is not in a good way.

  5. Great work! that andrew is a talented man. Looks like you will have a great spot to relax in the summer.

  6. I can't wait to enjoy this new furniture! The snow is almost gone!

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