twin bump.... at 18 weeks

I have gained twenty pounds so far in this pregnancy.  That is a significant amount for me who normally has to throw back milkshakes laced with corn syrup in order to gain a couple of pounds.  Apparently it is easier to gain weight when growing two babies.... who would have thought!

At the 18 week mark I am feeling pretty good, well besides the fact that I still feel horribly sick from this cold.  Belly wise though things are going great.  I gained five pounds over the past four weeks which is pretty on track for a twin pregnancy.  My tummy also isn't feeling like it is going to rip open anymore so I hope this trend continues.

I've been feeling more movement in there and last night I felt two swift kicks on either side of my tummy so I am thinking they have decided to finally make their presence known.

I also dragged my sick self to my first prenatal aquafit class on monday night.  I just hated the idea of showing up on week 2 of the session and not knowing where to go, and not knowing anyone.  Getting in the pool felt great and the work out was really light which is fine as I joined the class more to meet other preggos and to just be in a pool every week.  The hardest part was realizing how heavy I felt when I got out of the pool!

We've made a few baby related purchases recently and are just waiting to go a little nuts after we find out their gender next week!!!

So far we have purchased four packs of diapers..... I assume we will need about a thousand more, a video monitor, a wipes warmer.... you might think this is unnecessary but I just think that putting a cold wipe on a warm tush cannot feel pleasant, and we just purchased a book on healthy sleeping habits for twins.

I can't wait to start buying for the nursery!

And now for the belly.....

I think it is rounding out a bit and definitely think it is significantly bigger than my 16 week belly.

Happy Wednesday! ..and just in case you missed it... here is the twin bump at 14 weeks and at 16 weeks!


  1. cute bump! you still look so tiny for having 2 in there! almost half way!
    you should consider cloth diapers....honestly not any more work and a HUGE money saver....

    I can't wait to hear what you will be expecting. Two girls, two boys, one of each - AH! So exciting!!
    I'm ecstatic to be following along with your journey!
    Hope you start feeling better soon!


  3. I think finding out the sex for twins would be so awesome...the odds are doubly exciting. When you finally do go crazy and start buying for babies, post the goods!

  4. You look great for having twin babies in there! How fun that you've started purchasing things - I can't wait to do that!

  5. Melissa - We thought about cloth but honestly with two I feel the whole cleaning of the diapers will just be too much.

    Sunnyside Up - I would love one of each but since they are identical they will be either two boys or two girls... can't wait to know!

    Elizabeth - I will definitely post the goods!

    Stephanie - Believe me, it has been so hard not shopping! I can't wait!

  6. You look fabulous, your bump is SO cute! The aquafit class sounds great, hope you're able to meet some wonderful new friends to share this journey with.

  7. You look great! I like that sweater...I'm thinking girls, but who knows I only have 50/50 odds. ahha Enjoy aqua fit

  8. You look wonderful! I hope this marathon cold/flu finally leaves! Glad you are enjoying the aquafit and meeting other moms to be.

  9. I can't believe it has been 18 weeks already. You look so beautiful!!! and the baby bump is precious!!!

  10. it's really not that bad at all! i do a load every 2-3 days and depending on your washer it's pretty simple! we use the bumgenius diapers ~ so literally toss and go! we toss them in the machine and set the setting to heavy duty load (we have a front loader) and walk away. set it for an extra rinse and toss in the dryer. just something to consider, i'm a firm believer (and i was hesitant at first, we didn't start until our daughter was 3 months!)

  11. You are so stinkin cute!!! warm wips are amazing!!! I'm a nanny and no they hate cold butts!! Maybe it's just my little one that hates it but still!

  12. so cute! you carry them beautifully! isn't growing twins the best thing ever? :)

  13. Melissa - thanks for that info. I will check out the bumgenius diapers but the thought of putting that (poo) in my washer creeps me out!

    Ousoonerchick - thank you for validating my love of the baby wipe warmer!

    VentingVagina - yes growing twins is amazing! Especially now that I am starting to feel them kick!

  14. haha just read your comment about the "poo" in the washer. breast fed and formula fed baby poop is water soluble, so it dissolves in water. once it's "solid" toss in the toilet and flush!


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