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For me, picking out a wedding dress was definitely one of the best parts of being engaged.  I love clothes and I especially love dresses.  My biggest challenge was finding something that I felt like myself in.  Several dresses that I tried on made me feel like I was playing dress-up, something that I was certainly not comfortable with for our big day.  I found the dress at the second store we went to.... of course I had to visit two other stores and then drive back to Toronto to make sure it was definitely the one before pulling the trigger.... but I still think it was relatively painless.... hopefully my Mom felt the same way as she was there for every dress... good, bad and just plain ugly.

I admit, I still love to spend a Friday night watching episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and I will jump at the chance to go wedding dress shopping with you... just ask!  I don't think my love of wedding dresses will ever disappear.

I have never seen a bride wear pink in person but I think on the right woman it could look fabulous... something close to this...

Blushing in Pink by ouma via etsy
So how do you feel about pink + wedding day?


  1. I have always LOVED wedding dresses just like you. Every since I attended a wedding where a bride whore a stunning Pronovias dress I said I'd marry in a Pronovias dress. That same year the brand had a gorgeous, really simple strapless pink dress that I fell in love with. So I think pink can be very pretty and appropriate. But indeed when worn by the right person. Personally I think I'll choose (creamy) white.. The dress in this image is very beautiful!

  2. I certainly think pink can work, it just depends on the bride and the overall theme of the wedding. One of my favorite wedding gowns is Gwen Stefani's custom Dior dress, which had an ombre pink skirt:

    Obviously though Gwen is not the typical bride, but her dress shows pink can be pulled off.

    x M.

  3. I agree--bride, tone of wedding...and also shade of pink. A "grown up" shade (lighter, touches of gold or cream or something) rather than a flat-out plain old pink.

  4. In would never have thought to wear pink on my wedding day but for that dress I may have made an exception!

  5. The dress on the photo is beautiful!!!
    My dad actually picked the dress that i ended up falling in love with (Michelle by Maggie Sottero). It was in champagne colour and I was considering wearing it until I tried it in diamond white (yep, I am not the one to experiment much) :)


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