adventures in knitting

The last time I did something remotely crafty that wasn't painting, dates back to elementary school.  Somehow I wound up in sewing lessons.  I'm not sure where this idea stemmed from but for a time, I think I actually enjoyed it.  I even have some hideous photos of me wearing my fashionable creations to prove it.  I am guessing I stopped sewing because gymnastics took over but sometimes I think for a fleeting second, that I should re-explore sewing.  Usually this stops quickly when I get  a look at a fabric store... even a high end one.... in our city.  What exactly would I sew with?

So when a friend of mine mentioned that she took up knitting I thought that perhaps I should give it a try.  I mean, I do not exactly harbor a love for knits but it could just be a ticket to decreasing my boredom.  So yesterday this patient friend of mine came over and introduced me to the world of knitting... well that really makes it sound like we accomplished more than we did... but she got me started, that's for sure.

Now of course would my pregnancy brain allow me to recollect her teachings an hour or so after she left?  I think not.  As hard as I tried I just couldn't make sense of the stitch!  So enter google and several online videos played over and over again and I was finally back on the right track.  Right now I am making nothing.... I am just trying to get comfortable with the different stitches (I have no idea if that is the correct terminology).  I will say one thing.... it definitely passes the time!  And... I've gained a whole new level of respect for the amount of work that goes into a hand knit item.

I don't know if my relationship with yarn will last, but I will ride it out for now and see where it takes me!

Hand Dyed Sock Yarn by OneFatSlug via etsy

Do you knit?  Do you know of any online knitting resources that I should check out?


  1. I've wanted to take up knitting on several occasions, but just haven't followed through. Good luck and I can't wait to see your first creation!

  2. You have no idea how this makes me smile :)

  3. Fun!!! I started knitting a few months back, it is a great way to pass the time and definitely takes some time to figure out initially, but once you get it it's a lot of fun!

  4. I'm pretty much a beginner but I think knitting is so fun! I love the yarn and all the pretty things you can make! I love this site, it's out of New York City I think, and the things they post are so cool!
    PS I think baby stuff is a great way to learn to knit because the items are you don't spend too much time/money on any one thing. I got a book of patterns called "Essential Baby" that has some cute stuff in it...put it away for now...but hope to bring it back out again once I'm pregnant again...

  5. Good on you! I tried learning to knit once, but found I was all thumbs so it ended up being a good game for the cat but not much else!

    And knitting is SO back in fashion, that you are absolutely on trend.

  6. Little known fact: I've knitted since I was about 7 years old :)

    I'm not off work yet (ugh!) but when I am, these blankets I started will be whipped off in no time.

    Check the channel 'cyberseams' on you tube. They are very good at the basics and even some advanced stitches when you are feeling brave ;)

  7. Kristen - thanks for the link! I will check that out.

    Debs - whipping off blankets in no time! I have a lot to learn lol!

  8. I nominated you for an award! Its on my blog so if you'd like to accept you can come on over and check it out!

    Glad to hear the babies are doing so great! I can't knit. I can finger knit (ask if you want to know) but it doesn't produce much more than crappy potholders. :)

  9. Check out

    It's a great source of information especially for someone like me who would like to think that they were capable of knitting when really they are not!

    We start our IVF cycle next month so I am plan on having a lot of free time on my hands to try and learn.

    Good Luck!

  10. Christa - thank you! I will pop on over to see it!

    Janet - thanks for the link! Best of luck on your upcoming IVF cycle, I will be sure to follow along!


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