the missing kiss

I somehow made it out of bed and to the couch by six am this morning, just in time to see Kate walk down the aisle.  I do love to watch weddings.  I love the reminder of the hope and love that exists.  Of course I also love the fashion and the details.

Kate's dress was a pleasant surprise I think.  Although I would never wear such a dress... it is far too structured, too formal for my taste.... I also got married outside, in July, in a beautiful park.  Compared to Dianna's dress though... which I will say in my opinion, was a monstrosity.... this one is definitely a winner.  Her hair and make-up also looked surprisingly great.... not goddy, not overdone, just right.

William, well he looked like William.  I am afraid to say that I think he is looking more like his Father these days, and less the coveted bachelor of the past.  My one big critique.... his hair.  When your hair is that thin, just shave your head.  This may seem harsh, but believe me it is for the better!

Now... I have to mention the hats.  There was a vast sea of hats, some better than others.  Some were enormous and looked quite challenging to wear, others were toned down and elegant.

Will and Kate are definitely looking more relaxed now that they are out in the carriage, smiling and waving to all of the crowds.  I remember worrying about being on display on our wedding day... I can't imagine the fear they might have felt going into this day, being so much in the public eye.

Is that why there was no kiss?  Too much public pressure?  I think not... I think that it likely was deemed inappropriate.  Whatever the reason, I am definitely disappointed.  I mean, how can a wedding be complete without a kiss?

I hope this day is the happiest day of their lives, that they reminisce about it down the road and wish they could go back and re-live it, over and over again.  I know I do that.  Do you?



  1. I think they said the kiss happens an hour from now on the balcony-some tradition I believe.
    And also, apparently she did her own make-up to keep some 'normalcy' in the whole thing!

  2. Bree - okay that makes me feel better! I will keep watching and update if/when that happens! Yes I did hear that about her makeup, well done indeed!

  3. No kissing allowed in the abbey. Did you see them on the balcony at Buckingham Palace? 2 kisses even. ;)

    I loved her dress too. Much more Grace Kelly than Diana. Classy and modern But then Diana was married in 1982? It's very much an 80's dress!!

  4. I am with you on everything.
    Will looking like his dad, his hair thinning, her dress, and going back and reliving my wedding day!!!!
    I still would put that day as the best day EVER!!

  5. I cannot get enough royal wedding! It was very romantic and well done. Makes me want to do it all over again!


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