some twin realities...

Yesterday we had our second (and last) full day multiples prenatal class at the hospital.  It was one of those days that left me exhausted... there was just so much information... some of which was quite scary but most of which was quite the wake up call for both of us.

When the class started out with a video of a women getting a c-section my stomach was already starting to do flips.  I loathe the thought of getting a c-section.  I know that many many women in north america get elective c-sections and I also understand that there are scenarios where a c-section is necessary..... I just really really really don't want one... for many reasons.  In my view, a baby is meant to come out the way we were made to deliver, our body was built a certain way for a reason.  I also have strong opinions on the specifics around delivering, to start... women should not be forced to deliver laying down on a hospital bed, they should have options to birth in the most comfortable position for them, not what is most convenient for the doctor.  Also, all of the intervention involved in birth just creeps me out.... epidurals, pitocine, epitiostomies... and the list goes on.  Yes I know that I have never given birth and say all of this in a state of pure ignorant bliss, however when you start to hear that one intervention leads to another, it just gets scary!  Likely my issues with all of this is a pure loss of control.  I like to control things, I won't be able to control this.

My worries surrounding the c-section were soon forgotten when we were presented with a slide show of the NICU.  All I remember thinking was asking the twins to please stay in my tummy and grow until at least 37 weeks.  I do not want them to end up in the NICU.  Babies were shown in photos next to their parent's hand, nothing can prepare you for how small and helpless they look.  I want big babies... forget this whole fear of getting fat thing.... I will lose the fat afterwards and take big babies any day.

The last big reality check.... the speaker subtlety mentioned that we (as in the moms in the room) would require 24 hour care for at least the first six weeks postpartum.  Six weeks.... okay..... so we were thinking that Andrew would take a couple of weeks off.... now we are worrying.... what if they need to be in the NICU..... I can't just start up the at home routine solo if Andrew has to use up two weeks in the NICU.  We will have to figure this out.  Luckily we do have plenty of wonderful family around.  We will come up with a plan.

So that was our Sunday.... I got out of bed at 10:00 am this morning... and have been on the couch reading ever since.

Who knew that having twins would be so complicated.....I am sure of one thing, it will all be worth it.

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  1. It is interesting to read your comment about epidural and I can really appreciate why you want to try to avoid it. My sis gave birth to the second baby without an epidural (not by choice, but because of timing), and her recovery was much quicker. However, out of all of about dozen of my friends who gave birth and wanted to do it naturally without epidural, only 1 actually did when the time came.

    I really hope that your babies would stay inside you until they are 37 weeks, and why wouldn't they, it is nice and cozy in there ;). My brother was born at 27 weeks and we spent over 2 months in NICU (my mom practically lived there), and I would not want to imagine having both of your kids there. So don't even think about it. My brother is 12 years old now by the way.

    I really hope that notwithstanding what you've heard, you continue thinking positively as you have been throughout your pregnancy, and will give birth to both of your girls at 37 weeks, in the position that you are most comfortable in, and with no intervention that you don't want. Good luck!!!!

  2. Wow, that sounds overwhelming!
    But it will all be worth it in the end!!!!

  3. Does your OB ony do C-sections for twins? It may be different with identicals, but mine is all for a Vaginal birth as long as baby A is head down. He said he can just reach in (ouch!) and pull baby B out if he's breech. He said this like it was no biggy. But I do have to have an epidural AND deliver in the OR just incase of emergency.

    We also just signed up for a multiples prenatal/labor class. Really excited, so hopefully I don't get too freaked out from it!

  4. YIPES! This kind of freaked me out (I haven't taken any classes yet)! I keep hearing all the swirling talk of possible NICU and the odds of C-section, etc. I guess I have been just taking it all in and see how things progress. Like "My Inferile Confessions" said, my OB also is game for a vaginal delivery so long as Baby A is head down. Fingers crossed for both of us!!

  5. Rosachka - interesting to hear about your Sister`s experience. I`ve heard the same about no epidural, quicker recovery!

    My Infertile Confessions and Infertile Farmer - yes my OB will do a vaginal delivery as long as the first baby is in a good position and the second baby isn`t significantly larger than the first. I will have to have an epidural line at a minimum and will also have to deliver in the OR.


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