why i love to re-read books

Since I have been off work I've read two new books and started into a third.  I love getting into a good book... the kind of book that makes me want to be a character, live where they live (I may still be convinced that Hogwarts does indeed exist somewhere and that one day I will enroll) and pretend that they go on, long after the end of the book.

When I am into a book, I will fly right through it in a day or two.  When a book decides to start off with a drawn out, somewhat frustrating story I find I lose interest.  I almost always force my way through those long drawn out beginnings in hopes of what will hopefully follow.  I am at one of those points right now.  I am reading The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley and I am struggling.  I am well past the 100 page mark and I am still hoping to be pulled in..... soon please.  I chose this book as I just read A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and the readers that liked A Discovery of Witches on amazon.com also apparently loved The Winter Sea.  There must be something in this book, please let me find it soon.

I loved A Discovery of Witches... it was one of those books that I just did not want to end.  Well it didn't end exactly, it is part of a trilogy... the next book from which will be released in 2012.... seriously... that just isn't fair!

When I get into situations like this I usually go back to re-read a book after a disappointing book so that I know I will at least love what I am reading.  Do you ever do this or am I on my own?

Re-reading a book is just so comforting....  I can't wait to read my favourites to our girls.

Well it is supposed to rain all weekend so tomorrow I will hunker down and I will give this book another chance.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I was just about to hit the couch with my book club book (Sweetness at the bottom of the pie). It is crappy weather in Guelph (across the province I hear) so you are right, perfect weather for reading.
    What books will you read to the girls? Are there children's books or young readers books that you just won't want to miss? I'm curious.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog this past week...means a lot.
    I like your idea of re-reading books you love. I've been having trouble getting into new books lately...just can't seem to find ones that hold my attention...maybe I'll try turning to old favorites for a while...
    -Kristen from www.buckupbuttercup.net

  3. I love re-reading books. When I re-read a book, I feel like I am in a familiar place with old friends. I guess that is just the English major coming out in me.

  4. Oh our Hogwarts dreams! One day babe, we'll get there...atleast now you get to experience it all again by reading it to the girls!


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