backyard... as it is today... oasis... here we come

Spring is alive and thriving outside.... finally.  It is a little late this year but the sun is now shining and the blooms are finally starting to show themselves.... which for us.... means that the dandelions are in full growth mode.  This weather is making me even more eager to get this backyard reno started and finished.  I want to sit outside, on our future deck, sipping a non-alcoholic pina coloda in a weed free zone... is that too much to ask for!  

Andrew bought most of the lumber for the deck yesterday... now all he needs to do is start digging!  Yes this is easy for me to say... I will be supervising from the comfort of the couch.

The landscapers are coming Thursday night to finalize the plans and then hopefully they will be back here next week to do the actual work.  

So here is a taste of our backyard in its current state..... and yes.... we are in the throws on suburbia....

That cedar is no longer with us.... and a rain barrel will be making its way to behind that fence
Our lovely (and by lovely I mean hideous) patio stones... 
The grass needs to go!  I will be honest... it is more like weeds with a hint of grass
Oh the joys of living in the suburbs.... at least no one can peer through their window into our yard.
The future deck will take up some of this space.... I cannot wait!
We had big garden and re-sodding plans as well but some of those plans (the new sod) will have to wait until next year as we are under an official water ban in our region from now until August..... When I first heard this I thought that it would never be pushed through.... well I stand corrected... and somewhat stunned.  Can they seriously forbid us from using water that we pay for outside until August.... apparently they can!

Water or not... we will have an oasis, we might just need to be a little more creative than we had planned!


  1. At least you have grass... I would love a patch! I can't wait to see the final result!

  2. SO exciting - I can't wait for the after photos! I bet you REALLY can't wait for it to be done though - especially if you've have nice, spring-y weather. It's late autumn in Australia, and I'm really struggling to get stuff done (or at least order the husband to get stuff done) in our garden. Sigh.

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  4. oops? Don't know what happened there..

    B-haven? Nice! I lived there from 13 until I moved out.. 3 days after my 18th birthday!

    I can't wait for the finished product!! Hey I'm sure you can throw some planters on the deck and water them in the cover of the night! ;)

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see it all finished :)

  6. I foresee you spending many happy days on the deck soaking up the sun. Hope the construction of the deck goes quickly.

  7. Can't wait to see the final'll be amazing I'm sure! Ahhh...the dreaded water ban. We just escaped it by the skin of our teeth (we are on the north end of Hunt Club) although we will be cutting back as well. The new "big" garden is in so we'll need to do some watering.

  8. I bet the end result will be fantastic! It looks like a garden with lots of potential.


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