feeling a little like pretty woman

My favourite part of Pretty Woman is when she goes shopping... and actually gets served of course.  Her earlier venture out to shop whilst looking like a whore was very unsuccessful and quite sad.  Her later success is redeeming and just fun to watch... who can resist a brown polkadot dress!

Well over the course of the past week I have tried to shop twice and both times I left feeling a little bit too much like Julia Roberts in shopping... take one.  At the first store she looked at me, told me that I must be due very soon, wondered why I was still looking for maternity clothes and then told me that they have nothing that will fit my small frame + giant belly.  I thought that she must be crazy, I mean I was in a maternity store... but alas... she was right, everything was way too short for this belly.  At the second store I got somewhat of a pitiful look after I explained the twins situation and then was told once again that their clothes likely would not fit me.

To make matters worse on two separate occasions this past weekend I was told again that I must be just about ready to pop.  No no I say.... I am due in August.  So part of me is wanting to find a top that says something along the lines of screw off, I am due in August and having twins.  The civilized part of me realizes that people are not mind readers and I cannot take their assumptions personally.

So I am down to a few pieces that fit and will fit for the rest of this pregnancy and I am on the hunt for more.

Am I a tad discouraged... yes.  Will I find some other options and recreate Julia Roberts shopping take 2... I am determined!



  1. How annoying when people make assumptions about how far along you are. And, big bummer that they couldn't find anything that would fit you. There must be better stores around, and if not, you'll just have to go back to Montreal.

  2. Um, so I guess no matter what, people are totally stupid and rude. I'm sorry. I hope you find some awesome clothes you love!

    I gave you an award today... check it out on my blog!

  3. I'm surprised to hear that at a maternity store you would be treated like that, and are having difficulty finding clothes that fit. I agree that there's got to be a store that will be just right for you! A big belly means healthy babies so keep growin that belly! :)

  4. Oh no how ridiculous! Hope you find some lovely maternity clothes that fit really soon.


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