thirty seven pounds

Well according to my latest weigh in, I am up a lovely thirty seven pounds.  I almost laughed when my OB asked me how exactly I have gained 37 pounds as my legs, arms, face, butt remain unchanged.  He even thought for a quick second that I was wearing regular skinny jeans!

I have managed to get out of the oh my god whose body is this phase and into the big healthy babies here we come phase.  I have realized that gaining weight like this is good in this situation.  I am determined that I will shed all of this weight post-partum and if for some reason my body decides to leave me with extra skin I will have a tummy tuck in a year.  You might think I am joking... but I am dead serious.  So all in all I am happy with this tummy and excited at what is going on inside of it.

by LisaRussoPhotography via etsy
So apparently an extra 37 pounds looks good on me.  Tell that to my back!  Carrying around this tummy is no easy feat.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good excuse for lots and lots of back rubs! :)

  2. I'm up about the same myself, and my back is killing me! All for our girls right?

    I hear the Bella band is great for post partum belly reshaping!

  3. You sure don't look 37 pounds heavier. If you are like me, you were tiny to begin with, so you might account for 5-10 pounds of that as "normal" weight gain for your height.

    There is a freaky brace you can buy and start wearing to help alleviate the back pain. Hang in there, momma!

  4. I definitely would never have guessed 37 lbs... You look adorable! I like to look at other multiple moms who look amazing now as inspiration... Jennifer Lopez, the mom from that quints show, and even Kate from John and Kate! If they can look good in a bikini after having all those kids, so can we... Even if it includes a tummy tuck! ;-)

  5. Girl, I'm only 1.5 pounds away from weighing as much as my 6'4" husband! It's good for the baby...and it'll make a good story when it's over :)

  6. My Infertile Confessions - very true about the celebs although I just heard from a friend that the tummy tuck scar is nasty so I'm hoping it won't have to come to that!

    Elizabeth - Yes Yes you are right, it's good for the baby(ies)!


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