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Today I am officially 26 weeks pregnant.... which is great!!  It is also starting to put me into a minor panic about the state of the nursery.... specifically the fact that we got off to a great start but it has recently been at a stand still.  Well today the glider arrived and it is even more fabulous in person in the twin's room than it was in store!  So naturally I am now wanting everything else complete (did I mention that we have a backyard reno going on as well and that I am more or less useless when it comes to doing anything other than lying on the couch now... the joys of being on restricted activity!).  So I need to exercise a tad bit of patience as Andrew is only one man and our to-do list is growing by the day.

I have decided to focus on the aspects that I can do from this couch... such as order the final fabric for the crib skirts and decide on the window treatments for our twin girls' room.

Right now we have two simple ikea panels hanging from a silver rod and some wood horizontal blinds.  In my opinion, both need to go.  We have decided to go with a simple white roller blackout shade to replace the wood blinds as I hear blackout is the way to go to keep the light out and the babies sleeping as much as possible.  As for the panels.... I've found a couple of options but am open to suggestions.

Right now we have two white cribs, a white leather recliner and a dresser soon to be painted (still deciding on the colour though).  I was thinking white for the panels but am now thinking that might just be too much white...

here is what I am liking so far...

Ruffle Rings Drape from Pottery Barn Teen... Yes I know these are white but I am loving the texture and how they would pick up off of the polkadot fabric for the bed skirts.

Audrey Chenille Dot Panels by Pottery Barn Kids.  I know pink works with our wall colour but I'm not sure about the pale pink at this point.
Polka Dot Sheers by Pottery Barn Kids.... not sure about the sheers... I might like them... I might hate them.
To give you some context, here is the fabric for the crib skirts...

Crib Skirt Fabric by Amy Butler
And here is the wall colour...

Wall Colour is Teresa's Green, via Lonny
and if you are still curious... here is my original post with the glider and cribs!

So please help a pregnant & indecisive woman out (that would be me) and let me know what you think about these window options or if you have a better idea!


  1. Wait, I've loved that room from Lonny and wondered the color. Sooooo glad I found your blog and the paint name. Win-win!

  2. I like the first set!! I think they go so well wit the rest of your decor!

  3. Melissa - glad I could help you out with the colour! Teresa's Green is even better in person!

    Kkasun - glad you like the first set as that is what my gut is telling me.

  4. Wish I could help, but I have four different paint colors on the wall now that I've been staring at for weeks because I can't make a darn decision to save my soul! I think the first set is really pretty though.

  5. i love the ruffle rings drapes. i think they would go so well with all the amy butler fabric you like, as well as the recliner and crib.

  6. I really like the ruffle rings drapes, they are just so unique and well girly! :) Congrats on your twin girls by the way. I have a 3 month old baby girl and girls are just so much fun!!! :)

  7. Love love love the ruffle rings drapes! It's a great way of adding a bit of texture! They could probably fit in with any scheme though?

  8. Love that wall color and the crib skirt. I think my fave is the Polka Dot Sheers :)

  9. I love the first one- love the texture of it.

    How long have you been on restricted bedrest? And if you do not mind me asking what is the reason?
    I am currently in the hospital due to a shortened cervix and some contractions which is not a good combination at 24 weeks. Everything looks like it is going to be alright and it looks like the babies are going to stay put- thank God! I will most likely be able to go home tomorrow- but I will be on strict bedrest at least until 28 weeks. Which is alright- If they told me stand on my head for the next month I would :)
    Anyways do you have any suggestions on how to not go crazy? Our nursey is far from done and it will most likely drive me nuts!

  10. I love, love love, love the ruffle ring calming and interesting and different and girly!

  11. Congrats! Loving those textured white chic and feminine! I could totally see that in a nursery surrounded by colorful brights and cheeky accessories...great finds!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  12. Definitely a fan of the Ruffle Rings. They're absolutely gorgeous!

  13. love the first ones! (PS let me know if you want me to pick anything up for you in TO)

  14. I'm loving the texture on the white drapes. They'll bring out the polka dots on the crib skirts!

  15. You guys are making this decision that much easier. I love that the ruffle rings is the unanimous favourite!!

    InteriorGroupie - good idea. I might call around to see if anyone has them in TO to avoid the close to $20 shipping charge!


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