twin bump .... at 24 weeks

This week marks the twenty fourth week that these babies have been growing inside of me.  Part of me feels like I am wishing away this time... like every week I am wishing for the next to be here... but I think this is just because I want the weeks to keep coming, I want these babies to stay in here and to keep growing and to keep on kicking me.

This past week the babies gave us a glimpse into their personalities.... they like to show off.... specifically for Daddy.  You see, they kick me often, but when the kicks are just for me they come in slow patterns.  As soon as Daddy shows up and lets them know he is there (by talking to them, putting his hands or face on my belly or hugging me) they start a sort of kicking dance.  They kick and kick and kick and kick and we love it!

As for the belly, well it's still growing.  I don't weigh myself and my next OB appointment isn't for a couple more weeks so I will have a weight update then.  I don't feel as stretched as I have been feeling but I know better than to think this will last.  I will likely feel huge again quite soon.

Overall I am feeling pretty good.  The knitting and reading has been keeping me busy.  Would I feel better if I was able to do more, be more active and get off of this couch?  Yes... but if this is what will keep them happy inside of me I will take it.

And now for the bump.... brace yourself... it resembles more of a mountain at this point!

Happy Monday!

Just in case you missed it... here is the twin bump at 14 weeks, 16 weeks18 weeks and 22 weeks!


  1. What a great looking bump!!!!!
    I'm glad the time seems to be going faster for you now!!

  2. Aww, you look so great! What good looking parents these twins have!

  3. Awww, what beautiful pics! Blue looks fab on you! :)

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! should be illegal to look that good while pregnant! ;) love the blue top.

  5. You look great! Hope the reading and knitting are keeping you busy. Enjoy this time of great anticipation.

  6. How incredible there are two inside... And for me how hard to believe I've shared a belly with my brother haha. You look really good and so does your bump. All of the resting will be worthwhile, take care.

  7. You are too cute! Just love your adorable bump and the pic with hubby!! Every time I try and take photos, I am amazed at how enormous and NOT cute I look! ha ha!! I am very envious! : )

  8. Yay! So cute! I am envious of your jeans. I stopped wearing mine long ago.

    And congrats on a great appt today! Keep relaxing!


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