camping with babies

Last summer we spent a total of two weekends at home.  The rest of the summer was spent camping... mostly camping in the rain.  A while back I really thought we could swing a pre babies camping trip but reality is setting in.  I am thinking that sleeping in a tent, despite that tent interior resembling a hotel room, would likely be quite uncomfortable.  Throw in the multiple trips to the lou throughout the night and the fact that showering in a tiny public shower with this tummy would likely result in my body touching a wall or a curtain.... reality sucks.

So now I am leaping ahead in my mind to late summer... let's say very last weekend of august or the september long weekend... with two babies in tow.

Am I insane?

I do not have visions of us spending all day relaxing, drinking wine and beer and playing lots of cards.  What I do have is visions of a change of scenery.  I mean realistically I will largely be confined for the first while... to this house... yes there will be walks to starbucks and to the park but mainly I will be here all the time with the babies.  I can't wait to meet them and get to know them but a change of scenery could just be healthy and might maintain some of my sanity... might.

If we're going to be spending all of our time feeding, comforting, changing and bonding with these two little girls, why not conduct such activities in the great outdoors?

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  1. We took our baby camping when he was 6 months old - it was great, but one night was enough.
    The only thing I'd worry about is them crying / screaming at night. I was very worried about waking the other campers at 2am, 4am, 5am, etc. But if you are in a very secluded spot then this might be ok.
    There's also more to pack. massage therapist said to me "when you go camping with a baby it seems like you need double of everything - so that means take 2 cars!"

  2. @kat langdon - yes that is the one thing that worries me - having everyone else at the campground hate us. We have camped at a few places where the sites were really spaced out so maybe that's an option.

  3. I LOVE camping, I am trying to get in one trip this summer (4th of July weekend)!
    My parents said they camped with me from 3 months on (they lived in Southern Cali and could camp all year long). They said it was great and nice to get me started camping early!!!


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