backyard oasis sneak peek

Okay so the backyard is pretty much done, the patio is done, the retaining wall is in, the flower beds are complete, the deck is constructed and the furniture has been purchased.  I just need to take some good pictures.  I promise I will do that this weekend and post all of the pictures next week.

For now I will just give you a peek into the progress, bloom style...

Today I have an ob appointment and I am really hoping to follow that up with a mani + pedi.... I just need to find somewhere that can take me on such short notice.

My weekend plans consist of laying around in the backyard reading and trying to make some good progress on the first actual knitting project that I took on... exciting.... I know....

What are your weekend plans?  Are you going anywhere exciting?  Please share so that I can live vicariously through you!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Such pretty flowers!
    We are registering this weekend, so that is my main excitement, that and celebrating Father's Day!

  2. Weekend plans...this was supposed to be a rock climbing weekend at Bon Echo but the thought of taking three needles a day while dirty and buggy just didn't appeal to'll be sticking close to home, stain the new mantle, a trip to Chapter's, perhaps a date night with Adam. It will definately involve sleeping in!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product- I am sure its beautiful.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog- to answer your question the last measurement was .4cm, which was about 1 week ago. And then when my doctor manually checked it on Wednesday, she felt no length. But then today she felt some length. Not sure how much- but some is better than none! So I believe it is similar to yours where it changes. How often are you going in to have it checked? How long have you been dilated to 1? Do you have any contractions?

  4. You weekend sounds wonderful!

  5. WOW!! Each one is gorgeous! We are moving this summer and are so sad to leave behind our little garden:(
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Looks like it will be an amazing backyard! I love the first pic of the ?? dahlias? And, that blue flower - I think we have 2 of those plants, and the flowers only come out in the morning and evening, it's like they hide from the sun during the day!

  7. Beautiful flowers! I bet you are enjoying it out there now :)

  8. Amazingly vibrant photos and the flowers are so healthy and vigorous they are bursting with life! I have a soft spot for forget me nots.


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